Thin lining with a uterus biopsy?


Ok my lining is ALWAYS thin, nothing works. kHz d normal to very high e2 levels. Today my re wants to try biopsies during my cycle with my normal meds (gonal f and ovidrel) and whatever else is needed. Have any of you had this and it help your lining? And did you take estrace or anything else with this. Oh did the biopsy hurt? Thanks in advance.


The biopsy usually helps for implantation of the embryo. I am not sure what it does for the thickening of your lining. The biopsy did not hur me however I did take some medicine to help for pain and cramping. Good luck…and much baby dust to you!


Kalika, during or after your biopsy did they put you on estrace or anything? He said the reason to do my biopsies is to disturb the lining to try to “wake” it up or try to kick start it.


I did not have any problems with my uterine lining so I am not sure what meds your RE would have you on. I was not on meds specifically for the biopsy either. From what research I have done, the biopsy does help implantation alot. Is your doc putting you on meds for the lining issue?


He tried me on a high dose of estrace,and nothing!!! I’m going to ask if he will try estrace again with the biopsy. Not sure at this point. Really bummed…


Stay positive and keep your eyes on the prize! Keep me posted on your journey… If you have any questions feel free to private message me…

Loadsxof baby dust to you!


Thank u so much. U do the same and let me know its going.