Things to do before ivf?


can anyone give me prepping tips to do before ivf in march? such as stopping coffee or drinking water, etc?


Hi there. It looks like you are going to a SIRM clinic. I am not a patient there, but I do believe they are a top notch clinic.

First, it is great that you have a couple of months before IVF. It takes 3 months to mature an egg, so you should definitely try to live healthy and ‘clean’ from not till then (in my opinion). That is, natural foods like whole grains, fruits, veggies, organic lean proteins. Avoid caffeine in all forms if possible, if not limit it to one coffee/soda a day. It really is best to give it up entirely.
Start prenatal vitamins and omega 3’s(unless you get lots of omega 3 in your diet).
Also, I attribute regular exercise to my BFP with my first IVF. Nothing too strenuous, but at least 30-60 minutes of activity 5-6 times a week.

There are also supplements that some recommend like royal jelly, wheatgrass, l-arginine, and many others but there is no solid evidence that they help. I didn’t take any supplements other than prenatals, folic acid, and baby aspirin before my only successful cycle.

Good luck!


Be good to yourself and do nice things w your dh. It’s a tough and emotional process!

You could also try acupuncture in advance but check w ur re bc he might want to see how u respond to meds b4 adding in another factor.

Before ur Ivf cycle try to set up a cleaning girl, cook and freeze food, get ahead at work, etc. you’ll want to just relax once ur ovaries are huge!


I am doing my next attempt in April. Here are a few things I am doing before then:

Saving $$! Our last attempt cost us significantly more in meds than anticipated. We are ordering from UK this time.

supplements (royal jelly, DHEA, fish oil, CoQ10)
Eating healthy - Cutting out soda, dairy and meat unless organic/horomone free
exercise (jogging, dance and yoga) My goal is to lose about 20 lbs so I am at a healthier BMI

sign up for FMLA with work (last time I had some “complaints” about how much I was out of work. I want HR on my side this time)

Pray, meditate, massages, try not to stress, and research, but not to the point of making myself crazy

I thought I was ready the last two times, but honestly, I’m not sure you can be truly ready because everyone responds differently. Good luck in March!


There is an awesome book called the Infertility Cure. It really helps you see how to be healthier. Like the others have said; eat clean, cut out caffeine and alcohol and don’t overdo it on the exercise. I acutally had to cut back to just walking because I think I was overdoing it. I did not do any of this before my ER and although, I had 47 eggs retrieved, I only ended up with 12 fetilized and it took 3 ET (2 FETs) to get me :preg:. I think my egg quality would have been so much better had I taken better care of myself prior to my ET. Good luck!!


I did a 28 day detox diet supervised by a nutritionist. Google Michelle Babb West Seattle. She could give you the details. The focus was on cleaning out your system and eliminating sugar, caffeine addictions–not weight loss. I also took anti-oxidants. Carlson brand “ACES” (vit a, bit c, vit E, and selenium). I really cleaned up my diet significantly. Lots of organic veggies, beans, shakes with spinach and frozen organic berries. Good luck.


I switched to having decaf coffee and making decaf ice tea—i love ice tea and limited the amounts. During the 2WW i have no caffiene at all. They say it is ok to have some but I decided just not to have any at all.

Whatever you need to do to relax do it! If it is massages, going out to eat, pamper yourself. It is a very emotional rollercoaster ride so pamper yourself and give yourself lots to look forward too in between all the appointments!


I exercised very often leading up to the day of my transfer. I had very little caffeine if any prior to the start of any meds and after. I did acupuncture 3 days prior to retrieval and the morning before my 3 day transfer.

I ate walnuts (they are suppose to help with fertility) daily for at least 3 weeks prior to my retrieval, only drank water and a ton of it. I also ate the core of the pineapple for 4 days from the day of our transfer. :slight_smile:

I have no idea if all this worked, but 3 embryos were transferred back in on day 3 and we were told we only had a 40% chance of conceiving one baby. All 3 took and that was less than a 3% chance! Now almost 17 weeks with GGB triplets! Good Luck!


Sorry i am totally copying and pasting this from a post that i submitted earlier but the advice still applies.

My wife and i are doing our 2nd ivf cycle this week. Cross fingers. We learned alot from our first cycle. We were a little excited and should have taken a step back to soak up all the info the doctor was telling us. If you feel pressured i would definatly advise to move the process back a month. Drs will not give you any hope for anything outside of science but my wife has been religiously seeing an acupuncturist and herbalist, taking vitamins, and eating healthy. We have spent the past 6 months preping her body to ensure that we did everything possible to give us the best shot this time.

We also kept it a secret this time as well, not to be sneaky but sharing with our family seemed to add unwanted pressure that my wife did not need. Sharing with our family created excitement which was nice but when our cycle failed the whole family was bummed. I have taken on the role of ensuring my wife stays stress free. I do all the talking to nurses over the phone about medications or questions, dealing with insurance, etc. To me its very important to keep your stress to a minimum so tell your hubby to take the lead when dealing with details. I just tell my wife where she has to be, i give her all her injections, and deal with the drs office.

So my advice is this. Take your time dont rush into it. We were very lucky and our insurance covered the two cycles but this second round our insurance caused us to push back the ivf cycle twice this time, it sucked at the time but it was the best thing for us because it gave us more time to prepare mentally for the process. if you believe acupuncture works give it a shot and stick to your herbal schedule. Our ivf doc recommends acupuncture and is allowing us to have the acupuncturist come in and give my wife two treatments the day of embryo transfer, so i believe there is something to it. rest your body, start walking if you dont excercise, eat lots of veggies, research and take your vitamins, and find a way to manage your stress, cut out the caffine, and take plenty of time off work after transfer.*

Good luck.*


Before I started IVF I cut out all alcohol, limited caffeine to just one cup of tea a day, started taking prenatal vitamins and I started acupuncture.
Good luck to you!


My clinic recommended stopping all caffeine (even chocolate since it has caffeine in it) and alcohol before IVF and also encouraged eating healthy and as much organic as possible to reduce possible chemicals or weird antibiotics that are found in non-organic meats. I did acupuncture weekly and they also made dietary recommendations (similar to those found in the “infertility cure” book), in particular, lots of water (preferably lukewarm and not too cold), and a rice porridge in morning for some reason (I only did that a little bit). I kept my exercising to walking and yoga and easy relaxing gentle aerobics, my IVF clinic said that you should cut back on any high impact aerobic activity immediately before and after transfer, even if you were normally used to that level of exercise.

Kept myself having fun and focused on things I enjoyed doing that did NOT involve stressing or being reminded of babies/infertility/meds/etc. That included going to concerts, out to my favorite restaurants, going for weekend drives to different sites and musems, anything to just not be thinking 100% about fertility.

If you are working, and keeping IVF quiet like I was (only informed must knows like my supervisor and close friends), try to keep your work schedule busy but as stress free as possible (granted, that is a bit out of your control, but if you can have some say in it, work on keeping it on tasks that are enjoyable and time and mind consuming, it makes the days go faster!)

To compensate for giving up caffeine and good wine, I treated myself to some other things like fun desserts that didn’t contain chocolate and mani/pedis from places that used non toxic products and weren’t “smelly” with nail chemicals. If you do a massage, be sure to make sure to inform therapist you are trying to conceive and to be careful to avoid any pressure points or trigger areas that could be detrimental. In fact, be careful NOT to do a pedicure with foot masage during ET, there are some touchy points on your feet!

Be sure to take a pre=natal as early as possible, particularly with Omegas if you aren’t getting enough naturally. Avoid sushi and anything that has potential bacteria (blue cheese, packaged lunch meats) that might cause illness that could adversely impact outcome, google a list of foods to avoid for pregnant women and you can see which ones would be most dangerous for someone hoping to get an embie to stick!

Best of luck to you, I remember actually being really excited to start my first IVF and not being scared, just anxious. After knowing I was going to need IVF to conceive many years prior, it was just great to finally have a partner (my dear husband) and get started. I looked at it as a challenge to stay relaxed and not obsessed (hard for me since I’m a google loving research nerd) during the process and that made it easier to get through. Lots and LOTS of luck! I get on these boards and swear I wish I was a fairy godmother that could wave my wand and WISH everyone healthy pregnancies and magical outcomes.