Thinking about #2


Hey ladies… I’ve been thinking about when to try for #2. I just had a gorgeous baby girl in February of this year, and no… LOL I’m not trying again in the next few months, but I’m 33, so I’m wondering when an optimal time would be… I’m also wondering if anyone knows anything about the statistics of having 2 babies using the IUI procedure…? Are you more likely or have a better chance of becoming pregnant with a second if you’ve had a live birth already? I’m still on the fence about another baby, I’m single, no help from family, I don’t really have a lot of friends, so… It’s kind of rough. But I have a really laid back and easy going baby… So…??


Were u planning on using donor sperm? Did u have a donor for #1? I was just wondering… Since you said u r single.


Yes to both questions. Why?


I was just wondering because u were saying u had no support and it was rough. I didn’t know if there was a dad in the picture to help…


Hello Cinderella, congrats on your baby girl! I am also trying decide if we should try for baby #2. My husband and I also used donor sperm to conceive due to male factor infertility. We have a beautiful little girl who recently turned two. We had always planned on at least two children but I’m having a hard time deciding if we should have another now. I’m 34 so I don’t have tons of time to decide. At least we have some vials of the donor stored so we know they’re there when and if we’re ready to try again. I think that you have a good chance at getting pregnant again through IUI since it already worked for you…even if you wait 2 or 3 more years. It might just take a little longer next time but then maybe it won’t. How many did it take to become pregnant with your daughter? It only took one with my daughter’s donor but it was my 3rd IUI. We used a different donor for the first 2 IUIs. I myself have always wanted spacing of at least 2 1/2 years but we’re thinking 3 1/2 -4 years now. Even though I have a partner to help I still feel like my daughter is a handful sometimes and we don’t have any family around to help either. My daughter was a very good baby but has turned into a busy toddler so she’s not as easy anymore and I’m glad that we haven’t added a second baby yet. I think that I would have been overwhelmed having two close together and then there’s that possibility of get pregnant with twins next time(since we use meds with IUI) and that scares the cr*p out of me…lol. I like the idea of having them one at a time. Anyways, I wish you the best in your decision! I hope that you will just know when the time is right. So far for us, the decision for trying for #2 hasn’t been easy but maybe that’s just because it’s not the right time yet. We’re thinking that we’ll feel ready to start trying again by spring/summer. We’ll see though. Please keep me posted in the future on your decision. I wish you the best!