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I’m new to this forum. I have been doing IVF for a long time though, in January/February 2011 I will be starting my 6th cycle of PGD. My third go worked and I have a 20 month old son, we are now trying to get him a brother or sister.

I am doing PGD because I have Myotonic Dystrophy which is genetic and I don’t want to pass it on.

I have decided to blog about my last go of PGD as I thought it might help people who are thinking of doing it. I will be writing about all my appointments which will give people an insight, into how hard it is to go through fertility treatment.

If you want to follow my story as it happens here is the link:

A PGD blog

Good luck to you all with your treatment.



What is PGD? Can you explain it?


Explanation of PGD


PGD stands for Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis. I am using it as a way of having a baby without passing on my genetic condion, Myotonic Dystrophy. (Can be used for lots of genetic conditions, the list is always growing).

At the time of starting PGD in 2006 I wasn’t aware I had fertility issues as I had never tried naturally to have a baby. (We now know as a result of the IVF that my eggs aren’t great quality so I might have had difficulty getting pregnant naturally any way.)

Basically, you have IVF the same as someone who had fertility problems might, then when you have the embryos they get tested for the genetic condition. With my condition approximately half of them will be affected. The unaffected ones can then be transferred to my uterus as with normal IVF in the hope that it becomes a viable pregnancy.

I will write more about these details in my blog. I’m just starting it at the moment, my PGD cycle will be in Jan 2011 hopefully so I will spend some of the time in the run up posting about the background. I am trying to raise awareness as when I started out doing PGD I had no one to talk to who had been through it. I eventually found some friends in my situation through the Myotonic Dystrophy Support group but I would have benefited hearing other patients’ experiences in the early days.

A PGD blog


This is the website for the myotonic dystrophy support group in case any one with Myotonic Dystrophy finds this post.



I have got quite a lot more information on my blog now if anyone is interested.

A PGD blog