Thinking of trying for #2


Advice? My son is almost two now.


Go for it! Good luck!


Good Luck! we started trying for #2 when our DS was 18mo. he is 4 this month and still an only child:( best advice I can give is start now who knows how long it could take. upside if it takes right away they are perfect age apart. Also when they get old enough to realize you are going to the doctor all the time they start to think there is something wrong with you. I almost cried when my son asked me if the doctor was going to make me feel better yet. I did not even know he understood that was where I was going. Again good luck and really it all comes down to are YOU in a place where you are ready to go through all this again.


Little did I know when I posted this… I’m pregnant ! Six weeks four days heartbeat 133!!! This is insane. We have never been pregnant without treatment!


Wow! Congratulations!!!


Wow! Congratulations!!!