Third time's a charm?


Looking for women who have done IVF three times (and hopefully had success). I just finished with round 2 and miscarried. Low ovarian reserve, failed IUIs, yada yada. Not looking into donor eggs - hoping that my old stubborn ones might come through. Anyone? And do I have to use emoticons?


I am sorry about your miscarriage. I also had a miscarriage after my 2nd round of Ivf and it was heartbreaking. I however was able to get pregnant on my third cycle and my son is now 5 months old. Please try and stay positive. What got me thorugh it was knowing I could at least get pregnant.


I had a miscarriage on my 2nd round of IVF too. I am so sorry. The first IVF we did didn’t work. I am on my 3rd IVF now and my beta is tommorrow and I am so nervous. We have one embryo left frozen and thats it. We cannot afford to do it anymore I don’t think. I did a poas and it gave me a positive line but I am hoping to get good news from my beta tommorrow. Its just hard to get my hopes up. Our loss back in June was my 3rd and its just kinda started to jade me a little and I am afraid to get excited now. Me and DH have agreed not to tell friends and family till we know for certain that things are going good this time. I will be praying for you. I have heard and read on hear about people doing IVF multiple times then it works and to not give up. Maybe 3rd times a charm will be for both of us.


Thank you both! And good luck babydoll.