This 2ww waiting game is KILLING me!!!!



I am sure you’ve all been there one way or another, but I am really really really freaking out by now!!!

Its only been 7 days since my B2B IUI, and the suspense of not knowing on whether or not it worked is KILLING me!!! I am obsessing about the possibilities of :bfn: & :bfp:

There are times, where I have the feeling of something pulling in my stomach, twinges, cramps, frequent urination, fatigue, exhaustion, sensitive bb’s (not sore or hurting like others), and just feeling off in general.

From those of you that had :bfp: , what were really early signs of pregnancy? Did you feel anything?

I am so lost. I dont know what to think anymore. Last month was such a rollercoaster when the negative came along that I think it will be the same again this month.

Any advice (and please dont say that I need to stay positive and not stress out, because thats not working)?


I know what you mean! My first cycle - I felt awful during the two week wait - crampy, fatique, headache, just a general sick feeling. I was convinced I was pregnant. Nope. It was negative.

Cycle #2 I didn’t feel a thing. Wasn’t sick, tired - nothing. I felt fine. Again, negative.

I guess my point is we try so hard (especially because we are women juiced up on hormones) to find answers to everything. But I have come to the realization that this is one thing that is out of my hands. There is so symptom, signal, or sign - each person is different.

Hang in there!!!


I had zero symptoms and zero cramping. I was on Prometrium and had very few symptoms from that either (which was a switch from my BFN cycles). My first real hint that I was preggo was that a few days before AF was scheduled to visit, I had no PMS.

Everyone is different though and every pregnancy is different. I know someone who had no symptoms last pregnancy and this time thought she was out because she had cramping and spotting, but she is preggo. The wait SUCKS, but all you can do it wait.


[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”]I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I don’t know which is worse the 2WW or the negative result I’ve gotten at the end of the 2WW.

Since every woman and every pregnancy is so very different, I don’t know if there is a definitive sign of pregnancy. I even took some of those online quizzes on could you be preggo…I think that just added to the insanity.

The 2 months of waiting just to get to a treatment cycle weren’t as painful as the 2WW. I’m hoping for an IUI next week.

I hope you know you’re not alone. Everyone on here has been there and through this at least once with both pos and neg results. We’re all here for you…

I like what MereBear said about it being out of our control! Not much you can do but hope and pray for the best news but prepare yourself for the possibility of disappointment. Not much else to do besides wait…do anything and everything to keep your mind off of it…It might help!

Take care and I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers…:babydust: :bsv: :babydust: to us all! [/FONT]