this is getting stressful


well i have had 2 iui’s the last one was on 10/30 i really hate this hormone pill i feel like a big blubbering cry baby today i’m due on the 15th for beta i tested yesterday :bfn: i’m sick of people telling me they are pregnant (not anyone on here) or how a friend of theirs are pregnant with quads and they have an 8 month baby already everywhere i go it seems pregnant woman are ever where i am starting to feel that there is no hope and why is this happening to me i’m cramping really bad today as this is probaly why i feel like this but the feelings that i am feeling are they normal am i crazy i know taht all this will be worth it when it does happen but now i feel what if it doesn’t i never thought that i would want something so bad and not be able to get it :grr:


If you are due on the 15th for a beta, it could be you are just testing too early. Stay positive and don’t give up hope!!! On average, it takes 3 IUIs to achieve pregnancy…so even if it doesn’t happen this time, you aren’t out of the realm for success. Hang in there…:cross: for your :bfp: !!!


hang in there and learn to let things go…don’t let every baby sighting or story get under your skin. i learned this many many years ago when we started this roller coaster. try to keep yourself busy but find a couple really good confidants that you can just talk baby with…it makes it easier to not get caught up in all the other baby stuff!


I know what you mean and have been going through the same things lately. I feel like everyone I know is pregnant. I’ve been trying to seperate my struggle from my happiness for my friends. It can be really difficult. This forum seems to be a great place to vent :slight_smile: