This May be worse than the 2WW!!!


Hi Girls, I am hoping someone experienced can answer my questions.
So I was very very Fortunate to get a BFP on my first IVF attempt and I feel so blessed!! Im still in shock, as Im still crampy but I guess this is normal?

Anyhow, When I got the call, my HCG level was at 195. i Was told to go back in 2 days for more bloodwork as they wanted to make sure my number climbed above 200. My Nurse called me and said they were at 315 and that The next step is to go in on December 6th for my first ultrasound.
I guess my concern is that I will have to just wait until the 6th to make sure im still with a :bfp: And that makes me very nervous! Im sure they know what they are doing, but did anyone else have to wait about 2 weeks after their HCG Bloodtest to see if everything is ok? Is 315 a good number? I had my ER on Nov 1 and the ET on Nov 4th.
Thanks Ladies for any comments!!:bsv:


Those look like excellent numbers. They have you wait approx. 2-3 weeks after HcG bw because that is approx when you will be able to see your little peanut on ultrasound.


You are right! It is harder than the 2ww! I tested positive 10dp5dt with a beta that was nominally positive at 54. My doctor didn’t even request a second beta but told me to schedule an ultrasound in 15-20 days. I couldn’t wait that long to know if everything was normal and went for a second beta four days later. It was more reassuring, but still, I’m on pins and needles until next Thursday! So I totally understand where you’re at!

Congratulations on your BFP! Try to keep yourself distracted until the 6th and good luck!:flower: