This news article angers me


I keep telling my husband that our marriage might soon be null and void since we lack the ability to procreate ‘naturally’. What a super silly focus for this whole debate. Marriage equality aside, obviously none of the people supporting this measure have suffered from infertility:

In gay marriage case, justices focus and trade laughs on fertility question | The Ticket - Yahoo! News


I see what you mean :confused: What got me is that this lawyer (who I’m assuming is well-educated), stated that finding a couple where both parties are infertile is rare. But it really isn’t as “rare” as they think. I would think that this being a landmark case, they would make sure to know their facts or not make such statements if they were unsure about them.


Idiots! Callous and ill informed.

What did they do after this session - go out and kick a puppy?


I was also very angered by the exchange at the Supreme Court. To me the most offensive part of the conversation is not in this article:

From Transcript:

Justice Antonin Scalia: “I suppose we could have a questionnaire at the marriage desk when people come in to get the marriage - you know 'Are you fertile or are you not fertile.”


Scalia Jokes About Strom Thurmond, Infertility – Daily Intelligencer

If the people laughing at this statement only new how many tears were shed by the couple for whom the answer to that question is yes? I am very surprised at the coverage of this issue. It appears that nobody is standing up for infertile couple and claiming this to be offensive.