Thoughts on caffeine?


Hi all!

I am new to this forum. I conceived, naturally, at 43(!) but suffered a loss shortly thereafter due to low progesterone (and probably bad egg).

DH and I had really been NPP thinking we’d leave it God’s hands, but now plan to TRY for the next 6 months (until my next birthday).

I will be seeing my Naturaopath in 2 weeks and we are going to work up a fertility plan but in the meantime I would be interested in your thoughts on caffeine? I really like my morning coffee (and that is really all the only caffeine I drink) but it seems that it may really contribute to MC’s??

Thanks in advance for sharing!



I quit drinking caffeine a few months ago in prep for my IVF treatment that I’m going through right now because I read about caffeine affecting ovulation. My ovulation was always on CD16, and I was attempting to get it back to CD14. The month after I quit drinking caffeine it did move back to CD14. It could have been the caffeine and it might not have been, but the coincidence was pretty compelling for me to just stop altogether.

Just as a side note: I was drinking about 3 cups of french press coffee a day prior to quitting. I went through 2 weeks of withdrawal headaches. Anything that can affect your body that badly could absolutely affect you in other ways…


i would suggest to avoid caffeine week before starting the treatment…i have seen it affecting in some considerable ways…so better avoid it.


There is a study that shows that as little as 50mg of caffeine a day can affect IVF success rates. A regular cup of coffee is 200-300 mg. I’ll see if I can find a link to the study- I was just talking about it on another part of the board


I say just cut it out! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE my morning coffee, but have been off the juice for a few months now. I feel so much more alert and awake in the mornings and it has resulted in drinking way more water than I used to. Of course I cheat and occasionally have a small cup on the weekend, but definitely no more than one small cup per week…same with alcohol. The first week for me was hell with the headaches…but after that it’s great! If it could help, then why not?


I LOVE my morning coffee too!! I never stopped drinking that or the 1-2 diet cokes I was drinking while trying to get pregnant. Once I did get pregnant I stopped drinking it for the first 12wks but that was more because I couldnt stand the smell of it. After 12wks I went back to my daily morning coffee but no more diet coke… Good luck with whatever you decide to do:)


hi there, skip the caffeine and switch to fresh fruit juices. want to conceive the natural way? have you heard of the getting pregnant the amazon way? i suggest you go here Get pregnant naturally by Antonia Ruhl. hope it helps! :pray: