Thoughts on choosing an IVF clinic near LA


After 4 failed IUIs, a chemical and then an painful early miscarriage from our first IVF cycle at a local clinic, I’m looking into a new clinic to start our second cycle. I’ve been getting some helpful advice on this forum about CCRM, and we’ll do a phone counseling with CCRM soon.

But I thought since we live in Southern Cal, it might be worthwhile to check out some big clinics near home as well. I read through a lot of older threads and boy is the info overwhelming! After days of obsessing over the choice, these are the ones I have in mind:

  1. Huntington Reproductive Center (HRC)

The weird thing is, they have really good numbers on SART. I believe they are among the top 5 clinics in California if you look at their success rate for women under 35 last year. But reading older threads in 2010 on this forum, I’ve encountered quite a few negative comments about HRC. It also seemed their numbers weren’t so impressive back in 2 years ago.

Does anybody know about HRC? Did they have a significant change in their doctors or lab since 2010? Are they really as good as their SART report looks?

I also noticed HRC doesn’t accept many DOR patients. They prefer younger patients with MF. I’m afraid this patient screening is a poor reflection on their lab, but then again, I am under 35 with only MF. Maybe it’s a good place for me?

  1. Southern California Reproductive Center (SCRC)

I just learned that Dr. Surrey here is the brother of the Surrey at CCRM. :woohoo: Also heard a lot of good things about their lab and embryologist. Their live birth rate per transfer on SART is fine, although not as high as HRC. They also seem to be around longer.

  1. Reproductive Partners Medical Group (RPMG), Beverly Hills

Heard a lot of nice things about this place. But I’m probably not traveling to San Diego. If I choose RPMG it would be at its branch near LA. Any one would recommend its LA branch over HRC and SCRC?

  1. LIFE at Irvines, CA

This is a clinic that focuses on mini and natural cycle IVF. So far I’ve heard a lot of people singing high praises about Dr. Yelian and his awesome embryologist. Some say LIFE is the only mini IVF places on the west coast that’s comparable to New Hope on the east. I tell ya their price is also very inviting.

But I’m still wondering if mini IVF is for me, as my AFC was 20 and FSH 4.5. My problem is not DOR but repetitive miscarriages. And retrieving less eggs each cycle would only make my CCS cost more…

So, these are thoughts I’ve had. Choosing a clinic is soooo hard. Thought I’d rant it all out and hear what you guys have to say. Any comments are greatly appreciated! :grouphug:


I don’t know about any in the LA area so to speak but we are in love with the lab at San Diego Fertility Center (SDFC). We truly believe that their lab is the reason we had so many viable/normal embryo’s. We didn’t use them for our first cycle but we are traveling back to CA, we live out of state, this summer just for their lab. I know our infertility is may be different than yours but I just thought I would share. Good luck


Thanks, and congratulation on your baby boy! :slight_smile: Any other So Cal girls out there?


[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3][B]Pookiepook[/B] – I don’t know about an RE in LA but I wanted to give you the info for my RE in AZ. It’s not that far away from Cali. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has suffered miscarriages or failed IVF cycles. He offers Skype consultations and is very passionate towards his patients. He also offers ½ off IVF for failed cycles elsewhere within the past 12 months. Below is his website Dr. Jay Nemiro Scottsdale, AZ. Best wishes towards your future cycle. [/SIZE]
[FONT=‘Comic Sans MS’][SIZE=3]Let me add like you I have had repeated miscarriages & all my labs have come back normal. I started seeing Dr. Nemiro 11/2012. He is treating me with Heparin & Prednisone. I have started my 1st IVF cycle; my retrieval will be 4/29 and FET 6/2013 due to chromosome testing. [/SIZE][/FONT]
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What is Heparin & Prednisone? My RE recommended CoQ10, Ubiquinol, L’arcanite and Vitamin C for better egg quality for my next stim. Is Heparin something similar?

Best of luck with your ER soon!


Ah, read that link you gave me some more and I see those two drugs are for auto-immune and anti-clotting treatment. But your M/C panel and lab came back normal, why would he put you on those drugs? Maybe it’s similar to giving baby aspirin in advance?


[FONT=‘Comic Sans MS’][SIZE=3]Heparin is used for blood clotting disorders (possible reason why I’ve had miscarriages) and the prednisone is a steroid to help prevent miscarriage due to autoimmune issues. My blood work showed negative for both but many women in my situation (RPL) have taken the medication and had a full term pregnancy. I’m also taking CoQ10, Vitamin D, extra folic acid, baby aspirin & Calcium Magnesium. [/SIZE][/FONT]


Yes, Southern Cali here as well and I went with HRC. My FSH was elevated and I was 36 at the time. I was with Dr. Frederick. Yes, they are big (huge) and things may be a bit unpersonal and they do seem to have certain protocols. But it worked for me and I’m still in contact with Dr. Frederick. She genuinely was interested in my pregnancy and my baby, I felt. I would recommend them. They also have the most awesome nurse, Deborah. She was very personal, warm and extremely helpful.


I used HRC and also met with Surrey and Danzer @SCRC. HRC is good and although big, I don’t think it is impersonal service. The nurse coordinator always emailed me right back when I had questions and the doctor was very accessible. Had his cell if I needed it, although I wouldn’t use it unless it was a dire emergency. He always returned calls same day. All that being said, I probably would go to Danzer if I was starting over (fortunately, I have my little bundle). I think he was very good at communicating, really looked at all the possible issues and their lab is supposed to be excellent.
If you live in LA, I’d give it a try there before traveling. You’ve got some great clinics to choose from and it’s less stress in a very stressful situation.


Thanks cjtx and k9nic for being so helpful! And big congrats to both of ya~~~~ let me rub off some baby dust from ya~~~~ :grouphug:


I did IUIs at HRC (Westlake office) and plan to do an IVF with Dr. Surrey at SCRC next month. We started at HRC in Oct 2011 with the intent to do an IUI or two to see how I responded to meds given my crappy lab values and then move onto IVF. However, during the two IUIs we did there, I didn’t feel like they had the greatest attention to detail. Like during the 2nd IUI, I had to remind the RE on details from the first one we did and it seemed like he was just making things up on the fly. It just made me uneasy. I just couldn’t imagine going thru an IVF (and spending that much more money!) and not feeling more trust in the REs decisions and attention to detail.

So, while we were in the TWW for the 2nd IUI my DH and I had a consult with Dr. Surrey at SCRC (Ventura office). They were like a well oiled machine in comparison. We had a very thorough consult, including more of an exam than I ever had at HRC. We spoke with their financial person (which I had never been able to get any list of costs from HRC) and they worked well with our insurance (w/ HRC it was like pulling teeth to get them to bill the insurance properly). Not that the insurance covered much, but every little bit helps. Overall just way more impressed with how SCRC runs, plus they supposedly have an amazing lab and much better stats than HRC for my age bracket and DOR. HRC has a really high cancellation rate for older women, which makes me suspicious of them trying to pad their success stats.

We were prepared to switch to SCRC to do IVF in Jan 2012, but it turns out I got pregnant on the 2nd IUI with HRC. Totally lucked out and I have the most amazing 8 month old as a result. So, while I’m not real fond of HRC, they were responsible for my successful IUI for which I am very grateful. Since I’m not getting any younger, DH and I are about to do IVF for a sibling and are heading straight to SCRC.

I do agree HRC seems to have amazing stats for younger women when the issue is MF. So if that is your issue, they might be a great place to go. Plus, I don’t know if maybe at the larger offices it would be a different experience. Good luck where ever you go!


I started out at HRC with Dr Potter and had an IUI there but was bounced around between nurses and had a hard time getting calls back so I left. I chose Pacific Reproductive with Dr Salem in Torrance for IVF#1. My ET is today so we will see what happens.