Three failed IVF


Hi All,

I am new to the forum. I have 3 rounds of clomid , 1 IUI and 3 IVF all resulted in :bfn: .
I just did #4 IVF transfer and started bleeding day 8 post transfer. Waiting to do a blood test on Wenesday as the nurse mention its too early to test. I am a pretty sure its going to turn out as a :bfn: as I am heavily bleeding. I am wondering how many cycles of IVF on average before I could actually conceive? Doctor doesn’t seem to find an answer to my many failed IVF attempts. Does anyone have the same problem? An unexplain infertility?

DH: 29
How long TTC: 2years
Diagnosis or any known issues:None


I just posted this on another persons post as well, I think we all want it to happen immediately, like IVF is the miracle answer and it isnt, some are lucky enough to have it happen first attempt many it takes many trys to be successful. We have undiagnosed fertility, I have PCOS but eveything else is perfect for us both, no one is sure why we couldnt get pregnant…it took us 4 trys, we are now 13 weeks. Good luck, and just remember not everyone is the same, may just take you a few extra attempts.


Blood is brownish/red. I had a 4 day old embryo transfered (compacted morular). I asked for a blastocycst but the center told me that they are not open on Sunday! Which is ridiculous.


I’m so sorry your going through this. Have you checked for clotting disorders? I had several failed attempts and right before this cycle I got a blood clot. Turns out I have MTHFR. My RE added lovenox and so far so good. It’s worth a try. I wish you the best, and hope you get a bfp soon.


Sorry to hear that you are having to go through so much. We also went through numerous attempts (6 total - 4 fresh IVF and 2 donor FET) before finally having our little miracle boy. If the blood is brownish it may not mean it is over. If it is bright red, then it is probably not a good sign.

We also used lovenox, as the other poster mentioned, after having many failed attempts and miscarriages. We did not actually test for the clotting disorders, but went on the lovenox anyway. We are about to try for number two and I will be asking to take it again. If your RE is not making any changes to your protocol, you may think about changing clinics.

I have a lot of IVF info on my blog if you would like to check it out. Good luck to you, I hope this cycle is not over for you.


RE prescribed Aspirin for blood thinning and steroids for 5 days before transfer is done. Is this the same as Lovenox?


Yes and no. Aspirin is a blood thinner, but on a smaller scale than lovenox. Lovenox is like aspirin on steriods :). I had been on aspirin with the previous cycles before I was placed on the lovenox. You may want to ask your doctor if he/she would be willing to let you try it. Good luck.


Thank you Brit1612! Reading your story gave me some faith back again. I will talk to my RE and ask about Lovenox. We did discussed about assited hatching and PGD but RE mentioned that these does not help. I hope my next attempt would work. But for now I will wait till Wednesday to find out my bloodtest results. :cross:


As brit1612 said, baby asprin does not really work the way lovenox does. I did a cycle with baby asprin before they discovered I had the clotting disorder and unfortunatly got a bpn. I hope you don’t have to worry about any of this and get a bfp this cycle.


Need luck–have you ever thought of cgh testing or PGD testing? I don’t know much about it but it may give you answers if your embryos are normal or help make sure you only transfer the normal ones. How many eggs are you getting each cycle? How many are making it to blast (day 5)? What protocols have you tried? You may want to switch to an RE that is open all days of the week. My dr is open sat and Sunday (only until like 1) but with ivf, we can’t always work around schedules, our bodies decide when they are ready. You are around my age, with my second ivf I did a completely different protocol and got better results.


I’m not sure why your RE would say that AH or PGD doesn’t help. I’m sure there are a lot of people that would disagree with that. Maybe they think that it is not the answer to your issues but I’m sure PGD has helped many people choose the best embryos to be transferred and weed out the ones that would have never made it.

Glad to hear that my story could encourage you :). That is why I like to share it. I feel like if we can have a baby, anyone can! Hope you don’t have to worry about any of this. When is your beta again?