Three IUIs, Frozen Sperm has low progression rate 1/1+ , any advice?


my three back-to-back IUIs all used sperms with low progression rate 1/1+. Total motile is around 10m. I am wondering whether the low progression rate is why I did’t have any luck. very depressed, I am thinking about moving to IVF.
Anyone here used frozen/donar sperm ? what is your progression rate? Many thanks in advance.



Your donor’s progression rate is pretty low. A good sample has a progression rate of 2+ or higher. Here is a run down of the different levels:

0 No movement
1 Movement, none forward
1+ Occasional movement of a few sperm
2 Slow, undirected
2+ Slow , directly forward movement
3- Fast, but undirected movement
3 Fast, directed forward movement
3+ Very fast forward movement
4 Extremely fast forward movement

If I were you, I would switch donors or if you are really attached to the donor you are using then you might want to really think about doing IVF with ICSI. Anyways, that’s just my 2 cents. Good Luck with whatever you decide!

:slight_smile: Maria

P.S. I am also using a sperm donor and worry about these issues a lot. If you have any other question or just want to chat about TTC feel free to ask. You can PM me too or come into the chatroom sometime. There are usually many of us in there especially in the evenings!


I choose a second donor, progression rate is also either 1/1+ or 2. still low.
what’s your progreesion rate?
Wish you all the best!


I wasn’t given a progression rate, but on the report I’m given from the RE about the sample is says a high percentage was fast and forward. I want to say like 70-80 percent. But I don’t know where that sheet is right at this moment. Another thing to look at is if your donor has reported pregnancies. You can check out the too.

Best of luck and lots of :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: