Thrive IVF study


I will hopefully be participating in this study at the Clearwater, FL location. It’s for women with repeated IVF failure. It’s definitely worth checking into. If anyone would like to join this thread, please do so. It always helps to have support during a cycle. I go for my initial screening appt fri 6/14 and hopefully AFC with late June AF.


Thrive Study

I just came across it a few days ago…my old RE is participating…Have they contacted you back regarding enrollment details?


I emailed my info through the site and the clinic called me back right away. I went in to go over the consents and had blood drawn. I go back for CD 3 u/s and and bloodwork with next AF. The study covers pretty much everything. There also are some optional substudies that they compensate you for.


I emailed, and got an email back. They asked for a phone call and my number, but then never called. Oh well.


I was called directly from the clinic. Maybe you could call them?


I figured I would check back after my FET. It sounds like you have to travel to the clinic for workups and I am in TN. The closest clinic that is doing the study is in TX.

FIngers crossed for you though. It sounds like an amazing opportunity.


I qualified the phone screening with a clinic in LA. I would have to travel there for an actual screening, but more than willing to for a FREE cycle. We have a final pre-paid fresh cycle (and any associated FETs) at our current clinic which we will pursue first, but this is in the back of my mind. Best luck to all the ladies finding themselves in the “multiple failed IVFs” category. It sucks.


I am waiting on final approval for the study. I will be cycling at a clinic in Texas if approved.


Hi! I just received my results from the bloodwork that was done last week and everything was normal. The nurse told me I qualify so far, as long as my AFC is above 10 and FSH is ok. I forget the cutoff for that, but my highest ever was 9. Did you do your CD3 testing yet?


No I havent done any testing yet. I actually just sent an email 2 days ago and yesterday I talked to the research coordinator who pre approved me I guess…I requested my records to be sent over so now Im just waiting for that. She did say they want me to come to Texas for cd2 for testing with my husband.


I go in tomorrow for my CD 3 u/s and bloodwork.


Hi Ladies, any of you got pregnant with the Thrive IVF? I have had 3 failures so far, unexplained infertility. We were going to go to CCRM but then we got this free cycle. Since I am 30 years old I think I will give it a try before going to CCRM.


I’m currently in my 2WW with the study. 6dp3dt :slight_smile: praying for a miracle!


I did my bloodwork yesterday for the study, waiting for results. Any updates and support from you ladies is greatly appreciated.