Thrush in early pregnancy? 5wks


Started getting symptoms of thrush a couple of days ago… looked online and apparently common in pregnancy due to the hormones all changing. Apparently can’t use anything from chemist. Many say to visit Dr, but it’s not that bad and most I have read online says that if its not that bad, to just handle it.
Found another way to deal with it, from online suggestions! A little tea tree oil in some warm water and cleanse. That stopped the itch for sure as it had a cooling feeling. Then high cultured yoghurt. Right now feeling peace. yes. Thought I’d pass it on if anyone else is going through this?
The thing to watch for is any smell or off colour… of which I have none (thank goodness, cz that could mean infection…)…

ANYONE ELSE had this in pregnancy??


I have no useful information about thrush, but OMG! CONGRATS!!! Best wishes – hoping this is your take home baby!


Thank you so much Essemkay! It’s a long way to second trimester from here, hoping/praying this is the one.