Thyroid levels before IVF/FET


Hello all,
I have been really upset over my thyroid levels. I went thru an IVF treatment two years ago and had my little girl. Nine months later I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and six months later it was under control. I just went for my June bloodwork and my TSH was 3.64 and free T4 is 0.80… The tsh is well above the pregnancy limits and I am not pregnant yet. Then my T4 is at the lowest range. I spoke with my endocrinologist and she is having me go for thyroid antibodies test. She also said not to worry about my tsh since it is in the normal range? I thought the range for pregnancy is between 1 and 2. The endo is concerned with my free T4 levels. My doc said I may need to be put on meds. I am upset in that I feel my tsh levels also need to come down prior to having my FET. I do have an appointment with my RE in three weeks so we will see what he has to say.

I am hoping that you ladies could give me some of your personal feedback with your own experiences. I just feel like my levels are all over the place prior to getting pregnant…

Lots of baby dust to all of you!


Are you currently taking medication for your hyperthyroidism? My TSH was 3.2. My first fertility doctor (gynocologist by training) wasn’t concerned about it but the second doctor (who was a reproductive endocrinologist) put me on generic synthroid to bring it down. It took a little over a month to get my TSH below 2 at which point I started stimming. Once I got pregnant my levels went to 3.5 and I increased my dose. A different endocrinologist is monitoring me during my pregnancy and my current TSH levels are 0.7.
Personally I think it’s worth the 1 month delay to get your levels consistently between 1 and 2. Also, my current endo doesn’t like to prescribe the generic versions of medication because she feels there’s too much variability between pills, although she hasn’t seen that problem for me so I’m still on generics.


Hi Careen,
That is awesome congrats on your pregnancy! Did you find out after your IVF in July that your levels were off? I see my RE in July but not really planning our FET until October or November sometime. I wanted to get more of an idea what it was going to cost along with the steps we are going to take prior to the FET. Then of course I need to get the thyroid under control. It is nice to know that it is possible to take thyroid meds and still get preggo. I am currently not taking thyroid meds because the hyperthyroidism was brought on by a virus so it did balance out again. However I decided I wanted to be proactive and get my bloodwork before seeing RE and now I have this hypothyroid thing going on. Ugh… I will just give it time and hopefully it will work out. Good luck with your pregnancy! So happy for you.


Its very easy to manage your thyroid while going through this. I had graves many many years ago and had it radiated. I was able to take meds while I was prego with my daughter. I will say that stim meds MESS with your TSH big time, so it needs to be monitored. If its hyper, its not as bad, but if your hypo, it does present a higher risk for misscarriage. I get mine tested monthly this pregnancy only becuase its been a yoyo since my daughter was born. I am hoping this baby brings it back to normal (I was on the same dosage for 10 years prior to giving birth to my DD and since I have had her I bet my dosage has changed 10 times in 2 years)…:grouphug: best of luck!


I am hypo and my RE suggested before ivf to check my levels and to have them around 2 or 3, which they were. However going through the ivf and afterwards getting pregnant screwed up my levels and after I got BFP at home I went to my endocrinologist and my tsh was 8!!
It took us a month and a half to have it bellow 2 what is normal for pregnancy. However, my T3 and T4 are a bit off and doc said that’s normal.

I’m finishing my first trimester now and all of the genetic tests turned out OK. I have also read on different forums that many ladies had their thyroid levels off during pregnancy (mostly without knowing) and everything was OK with pregnancy and babies. Do what you can to keep your levels within normal and try not to stress too much.
Stress before pregnancy may influence quality of your eggs more than tsh levels that are tiny bit off (has happen to me the last time I tried to get pregnant).

Good luck and :bsv:


I’ve always had my thyroid tested - I think it’s the first test most doctors do with overweight patients! Mine never came back as alarming. Right at the beginning of this IVF cycle the day I was to start BCP the RE called to tell me my TSH was 2.66 and she wanted it between 1 and 2 and wanted me on Synthroid. She explained I definitely do not have a thyroid problem, she just wanted my level optimal for the IVF. She said I would likely have to take it through the first trimester and then we would re-evaluate.


Thank you allfor your personal experience. Just as I thought I should make sure I have the perfect tsh levels prior to pregnancy eventhough my endo says different. I will find out more in a couple of weeks…

Good luck to all of you!


When we started our IVF my thyroid was a 3.4. My RE told me it had to be under a 2.5, so they put me on synthroid. I took that for about a month and my level went to a 1.9.

I really really believe getting that under control helped us. When I got pregnant I started seeing a regular endocrinologist and she upped my dose because she was worried that my level would go over a 2.5 and that can cause miscarriage. My level is now a .8.


What’s “normal” for each person with respect to thyroid levels can vary widely. In my family, myself, my mother, and grandmother all tested in the “normal” range (~3), but we found we couldn’t maintain our weight or energy levels unless our TSH was under 1. My optimal TSH is around .7 and my RE agrees that the ideal TSH for pregnancy is around 1 as well.

Anyway, if you have any other symptoms of low thyroid, try going on synthroid and see if that makes a difference.

Good luck!