Time between egg retrieval and transfer: glass of wine okay?


I had my egg retrieval yesterday (12 follicles, 8 mature eggs, 7 embryos). My transfer will be either Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. I have not had alcohol since 5 days before I started stims. But I’m planning on cooking something tonight that calls for wine in the recipe and I’m wondering if it’s okay to pour myself a glass. I figure right now I’m in that in-between period (post-retrieval, pre-transfer) so it seems harmless. My doctor told me from the beginning that it’s fine to have the odd glass of wine here and there, btw. But I want to be super-cautious. What do you girls think?


Personally, I don’t think it will hurt anything, particularly wine. But, I am not as strict as some people might be. I had a glass in there also, 4 nights before transfer. I figured it would be well out of my system by then.


Thanks for the reply. I’m undecided. When it comes down to it, I will probably be too chicken to have any. :slight_smile:


You are fine. The half life of alcohol is short and will be out of your system. Enjoy! You deserve it.

I accidently did Botox when I did not know I was still pregnant… That-not so good.


I had my retrieval on a Thursday and that Saturday night prior to my transfer on a Tuesday I had two glasses of wine. My only regret was not having three! I am currently 20wk and 5 days pregnant. I had not had any alcohol in the three months prior to retrieval, it was nice to take a break. I decided one night of a couple of drinks was not going to change anything in my body. I think the biggest concern with alcohol during ivf is egg quality, that’s what my nurse told me. She said anything to help me relax was a good thing!


I, too, had wine between retrieval and transfer! I had a 5 day transfer and my 5 “days off” fell over a weekend and I had 2 glasses of wine on Friday and another 2 on Saturday! I quit all alcohol when I started Lupron, so it had been weeks for me and I am glad I enjoyed myself… because I am now 14 weeks pregnant and doing great. It won’t hurt you, in fact, it will probably relax you and help you stay stress free, which is GOOD for you in this process!

Good luck on your transfer!!