Time between ivf


Hi. Please can you let me know what you were advised by your doctor. I had a negative ivf 18 January and a period straight after. On 12 Feb I am getting my period. This is 1 month after the last one. My doc says it’s ok. To do ivf now. Meaning, 1 month after my negative result please let me know

What your doctor advised
And also when people say 1 natural cycle should occur in between what do they mean - how long aft the blood tests as I have had 1 period but it was straight after the negative result. Is his a natural one.


The IVF nurse told me that they have to wait for your estrogen return to normal before cycling again.


Thanks for the responses. Feel much better


My RE always made us lay off a month, so I guess that would be like having two periods. The period right after, then we would start the cycle about a month later with the next period. But that does not mean you are not ready to go now…they would not let you go if you body was not ready!

Sorry to hear about your failed cycle, I know they can be so tuff, we went through a lot to have our miracles, but I can honestly say it is all worth it in the end! Hope this is the cycle for you.


hi Tiffany. I am so sorry to hear about your BFN. I asked the exact same question in the following thread:


We ended up doing 2nd (and successful!) IVF 2 month after the first. But I might have had an even better response one month after the first IVF. My hormones and antral follicles looked really good then.

:bsv:for your 2nd IVF!


Thanks for the encouragement baby hope and britt. It is very devsatating. I am so scared to think that it may never work. I had to tell my boss about this ivf and feel so exposed. I didn’t want anyone to know and in my industry can be career limiting. Not that they wuld relate it to ivf but somehow career advancement would lessen. He was encouraging when he heard but his eyes said a different story…I think managers are just petrified that you may take maternity.

Either way very scared for my 2 nd time and if the mediction will feel worse…hoping all foes well after::bfn:

Feel so sad at times…


My doctor told me that it depends on how your body handles it. He said that I could do back-to-back!

I got my first :bfn: last week and just started BCP yesterday.

Good luck!