Timing a Transfer


My husband and I were blessed during IVF and have a beautiful little girl! All the stress and ups and downs of fertility have totally been worth it- she makes my heart smile! We would love to “cook” her siblings sooner rather than later. I’m in my early 30s and my Husband hit the big 4-0. We have three snowbabies and we’re trying to decided when to put those buns in the oven. Who’s done this before?
How long between deciding to go ahead with a FET, and actually doing the transfer? I assume it doesn’t take as long as a fresh cycle, because you don’t have to amp up the eggs… or am I wrong about that? And What is a “natural” cycle?
Any advice is welcome :slight_smile:


I think it is totally up to your timing. Between my first IVF (and baby girl) to my FET (another baby girl) was exactly two years. I didn’t think I could handle sooner. I had my first at 33 and my second at 35 (and I’m 37 now). Now I’m going for a boy :-). This time there is a bigger gap but that was due to personal reasons (new job…). If this FET works I’ll have 2 years and 7 months between this one and my last FET. I have been blessed with great success - but I tried to assume that I would need to go through a few cycles. Good luck!


one of my friends had a son through surrogacy(single gay guy) his son is 6 1/2. He has a transfer scheduled for Nov. 8th. His children will be quite a bit apart in age. He is using the same batch of embryos and the same surrogate.


Cool! Isn’t it weird to think that both of my girls are really twins? I mean - conceived on the same day :-). Just froze a few. Same with your friend. :slight_smile:


It’s so exciting to talk to someone who has such wonderful success! Congratulations on your two girls and good luck on your next cycle! Since I’ve never don’t a FET, I’m wondering what the “norm” is. Do you have to start the process with BCP?


Honestly its totally up to you and your family. Its all about what is right for YOU. And you will know it when it happens. Around 18 months after DS was born I started missing the baby phase and starting thinking, we could do this again! Thats when I knew I was ready. What I do regret though in hindsight is waiting another year to “get in shape”. I am almost 35 now and my first FET didnt work. So I am on my second FET. I only have one chance if this one doesnt stick and now I am starting to think Oh crap… what if we dont get pregnant at all with 6 frozen embryos that I started with? That means another IVF (I cant even imagine that right now). But it also means possibly being 36 when that happens. I know I shouldnt worry so much about age… but I cant help but wonder why 36 year old embryos would be better than the 32 year old ones I have now??? Also I have endometriosis, so that came back and I ended up having to do another laprascopy. So if I could do it all over again… I would have started trying at 18 months post baby. We have already decided to try as quickly as possible for #3 if we do in fact get pregnant this time. I DONT want another surgery if I can avoid it.


Like one of the previous posters said it takes about one month. I’m not personally familiar with the lupron protocols. I dd an FET that was partially medicated. They had me use clomid just to ensure that I had a follicle and also a trigger shot and put the embryos in at the appropriate time after that (I don’t remember how many days after the trigger it was). I also had to do progesterone shots and estrace pills. I did BCPs as well, but they were just to fit me into the clinics schedule. I wouldn’t have needed them if AF would have come at a better time. I think for the natural the would just monitor for ovulation and put the embies un based on your cycle, but most still would use the progesterone and estrace.


The protocol for this time was different than before. Easier. I had been on bcp since I have irregular cycles - so went in in day 3 for a scan and started estrace and the patches. Then day 13 (my lining was good) I added PIO injections. So much easier than IVF!!! :-).

We did the transfer on day 19 and now I wait :slight_smile: