Tips before FET


Any tips or advice on what to do before an FET to make it successful? I have my appt scheduled on 11/24 a week before my cycle to start. I am excited, nervous and hopeful. :pray:

I am still taking my prenatals, I started folic acid supplement it is said to help the reproductive system any other tips?:woohoo:


Eat lots of fruits and veggies, & eat fresh pineapple the week of the transfer!


I think we are on the same cycle. My fET is on 12/22. I am getting nervous and excited. This is my first.


I know this isn’t the reason why my FET worked, but I drank pure pomegranate juice (POM). Its $10 for a bottle of juice. It’s full of antioxidants and is very healthy. It’s just something really healthy that you can drink. There is no correlation between implantation and pom juice, but I think you’ll feel healthier drinking it.


My doc also asked me to gain some weight, they like a BMI between 20-22 and I was 18.5, so will gain about 5lbs…did 1st IVF in Nov. and all went very well, but then I got AF (before my beta).

super healthy eating, lots of protein, veggies/greens, sleep, and moderate activity can only help.

GL all - I am hoping for FET in Jan…praying snowbabies make the thaw.:pray: :pray: :babydust: :babydust: