Tips on switching RE's



I just had my third chemical pregnancy and I’m going to try a fresh cycle in January. I’m thinking about switching to a new clinic but I don’t want my RE to feel like I’m ditching her. I really like her, but I think I need a change of scenery and a fresh pair of eyes on my records.
Who has switched clinics? Did it go well? How did you break the news to your RE?

Thanks so much!!!


There’s no need to worry about feelings. This happens often enough, and is usually handled very professionally. Patients are welcomed back, too.


I am on my 3rd Re, all in the same area. I ask for my records each time, pick them up in person and did not say anymore, its none of their business. When you do a records request they usually ask “why” or where you are going? I left it blank and said “patient to pick up all records”. Its your money and your future baby, you are in the drivers seat.

Good Luck


I changed RE’s and did the same as DRB with the medical records. After almost a year, I wasn’t getting anywhere with the first RE and after changing I found out it was because his protocols were based on old or no research. I wasn’t worried about hurting feelings when I was paying out of pocket and not getting any younger. Oh, and he wasn’t worried about my feelings when he told me to consider adoption after 5 failed IUI’s without any medication. The guy never even tried clomid!

Best of luck to you and I’m sure your RE will understand!


I switched REs when I moved on to IVF, after about 8 months with my previous one. I love my local RE, but the clinic she is with doesn’t have its own IVF lab. They work with another local clinic for IVF, but neither has a great success rate, so I decided to go out of state to one that has one of the top success rates for my age.

I told my RE what I was doing straight out. I need her to do local monitoring for me, and she was happy to do that. She was every bit as nice when I went in for my saline US as she was when I was just her patient, and I’m sure she will continue to be. She also knows that I think she rocks (I’ve told her so, and have referred two friends) and that I am an obsessive researcher, so she gets it that it’s not a personal decision, it’s about the probability of me getting pregnant with a healthy baby.

I think it’s up to you how much you want to say/whether you want to explain it. If you are comfortable saying that you want to get a second opinion/fresh set of eyes, that you’ve appreciated all the help, and you might be back again, then I’d do that, since it leaves the door open. If you’re thinking of going to Cornell or CCRM or one of the really well-known clinics, I’d mention that as well, since all the docs seem to get that logic.

I do think that the idea of picking up all your records in person is good, just because it gives you the opportunity to make a copy of them. I had a lot of mine sent directly to the clinic I’m working with, and I dread having to do it again if I end up switching again, since I have OB records at one place, RE records at another, and rheumatologist records at yet another.