I have been very supportive of all the hiccups in the upgrade, but even I am getting tired of this. just sayin.


and now everything is flipped around. Can I suggest a ‘TEST’ environment?


I think I just had two posts deleted? not sure why? is saying that the page is flipped around worthy of a deleted post? (the page really is flipped like a mirror image).


Is the daily server downtime going to continue? I know 7am central is early on the west coast, but not all of us are on the west coast…


While I appreciate your patience, the server is not down daily. It was down briefly yesterday for a security update (10 min) and this morning long enough to reset the database (maybe 15 min tops) in order to prevent slow load times. Thank you.


I’m really not trying to argue or be difficult, but yesterday the site was down for me for 3 hours, and this morning it was down from 7-9. Maybe it’s just me, but it doesn’t look like there was any posting activity during those times.