TMI Warning: Discharge?


I’m just going to apologize in advance because I know this isn’t pleasant.

This morning I woke up and had one spot of greenish colored mucus like discharge. I haven’t had it since but I’m totally freaked out. I called the nurses station but they haven’t called back yet. I’m not have any bit symptoms of infection (ichy or red) but honestly, with all the changes going on in my body I barely know what I’m feeling, let alone whether its normal or not.

If I do have an infection and get it treated, is the baby in danger? I am totally worried.


I had a similar thing right around the same time you are now. It just happened once and my Doc was not concerned. If it continues and has a foul smell then you should get checked but I would not worry about it.


It’s an infection, there will be a bad odor.