To bcp or not bcp!? FET & thin lining?


FET vets, please help :slight_smile: I had surgery last month, and it threw my cycle for a loop. I’m usually 26-28 days, but this month only 22. I’m planning to go to CZ for a donor embie FET, and was going to start bcp with AF next week. Now, I’m lined up to skip the bcp if I want, and still be ok for the FET in CZ. We are there 6/5 through 6/19, and I need AF some time from May 22-29. I had a thin lining of 6.2mm last FET, when I took bcp and lupron. I’ve never had a lining greater than 8mm…
I’m looking for FET veterans with lining issues. Did bcp make any difference for you? I’d like to time things with it, but I’m afraid of the slightest suppression. Is it better to start the estrace after a natural cycle w/o bcp, or does it really not make a difference?


Anybody? Anybody?



Since no one is repsonding Ill give some of my experience. I dont have thin lining issues but this FET cycle I didnt get my period for 2 months dont know why but I didnt so my RE told me to come in (I called around the day I shouldve gotten my period) and have blood drawn then they called me that afternoon and told me to start Estrace to begin the medicated FET cycle. I asked can I take bcp to get my period they told me the period wasnt necessary for the FET, and my bloodwork looked normal and so did my ultrasound so they didnt know why I wasnt bleeding, apparently I just wasnt bleeding but my levels were good enough to start. So moral of it all you dont need your period because this is not a fresh cycle. If your too concerned about a thin lining I wouldnt bother with the bcp I did medicated without bcp. Hope that helps. What does your RE suggest?


Thank-you for responding. I’m going to a clinic in Czech, and they originally told me to buy the plane tickets and time the trip with my regular cycle. I asked about bcp because I was afraid of spending 3K on plane tickets, and having things not work out. I unfortunately have a certain week I can take off from work, so that was another factor and it all did not line up with a 28 day cycle. Now, my cycle has changed unexpectedly (I think the surgery I had last month is why). My clinic is very, do what you want. They only insist on u/s on certain days. It’s not the same as the strict instructions I received from my clinic here in the US. After much consideration, I think I’m just going to take them, although I haven’t yet. I’ll probably count the calendar a few more times, lol. Anyway, I might stress if I don’t take them, and I suppose there is a benefit of cyst prevention as well. I’m not the most religious of people, but I have to trust in God, and that what is meant to be will be. Thanks again for responding!


Did you book your flight yet?? I have NO experience with BCP’s, Sorry. I too was worried about spending a bunch of money on the tickets until I knew I had gotten my period on time. So I waited until I got my period, then I knew I would be fine after that. So, it ended up costing me about $500-600 more by waiting to book the tickets, but we were on a tight schedule, only being gone a total of 6 days, so the timing had to be right. In the end, i’m glad I waited until I got my period to book them. It was only 2 1/2 weeks before transfer when I finally booked the flight!!! But if I had booked them and then NOT gotten my period on time, I would’ve been kicking myself for spending all that $$$ on tickets I couldn’t even use!!
Good luck to you Rachel, I hope all goes well with your lining, etc. I can say that Reprofit makes really beautiful babies!!! LOL!! But i’m biased…I am enjoying every single day with my William & Natalie~ they are so precious and I couldn’t have made a better decision!!!

eta: I totally agree with you on the clinic being very…“do what you think is best” they really have a lot less strict protocols than any clinic here in the U.S. Which I kinda like in a way, and kinda not in others. I’m not an expert in baby making…hence why i’m paying YOU to help me out~ so some input other than, “whatever you want to do” would be better…


Thanks rd200. I have been stalking you for months, lol. I work at a hospital, that has no one to cover for me (I work a very specialized job). They’re getting a traveler from AZ to come here to FL to cover for me. It made it difficult, and I was forced to book everything in advance. I will be there for a long time, June 5th-19th, so 2 whole weeks. My husband is from CZ, and he has not been home in 14yrs and I have never met his family. With everything considered, I have decided to just take the bcp. I truly believe my thin lining is a result of blood supply issues, since my 2 ectopics had an extensive surgery. If I thought it was estrogen receptors being the problem, I’d risk it. Anyway, I hope I’m half as lucky as you!


Wow, that’s really neat that he’s from the CZ and that you can at least stay with his heritage. well, 2 weeks in CZ will be magnificent!! If we had more time and more $$, we would’ve taken a train to Germany and spent a few days there also. but, we only really had 4 whole days there. THe first and last days were traveling days.
I’m sure it will all work out for the best!!! And you will come home :preg: !!!


Maybe one day, a long time from now, you will take a family vacation to CZ for the twins. It’d be very interesting for them!