To get prego faster


I have been google-ing ways to increase fertility online, ways to get pregnant faster. I have come to the idea that no one really know…Ive have seen no drugs, no smoking, eat right, and have sex. I dont see this as suggestions or advise, I think it is a comp out. Those are so generic. With my 1st child, I had no issues this time around is different.
Anyone in there 1st yr of trying (means no specialists, docs and so on) with helpful hints. I have not suffered a year so I am in the limbo of waiting each month to see if I will luck out or finally get some help. I do know most get pregnant before or around a year of trying but I have a history of issues after my daughter was born.

PS I think its outrageous to have to wait a year, but that could just be my frustration.


I’m not sure there really is anything you can do. You can try to be healthier, that never hurts…but I know of people who are 150 pounds over weight, or smoke, or drink, or do drugs, and they get pregnant just by throwing sperm at them…just be a healthy person, not only for your reproductive organs but for your future baby to me. A healthy mom makes for a healthy baby and life!


thanks for replying

I love the statement “throw sperm at them”, lol. I work out, i eat alright (prob my weakness area), I am within my weight BMI area, no smoking, no drinking.

I am being a good girl, just waiting