Transfer & Flying


Hello! Have any of your doctors said anything about flying after transfer? The nurse at my clinic said OK, but I asked the doctor and he said, ‘Well, we dont really know, it’s probably OK but why risk it?’ I have to get on a plane so I am now very worried. Did anyone ever hear this? It’s weird, this place is very highly rated and the doctors are amazing, so I want to trust him, but maybe he’s just being overly protective…?


Do you have to fly right after transfer, or after a couple of days? My RE told me to be on bed rest for three days after transfer. I wanted to go to acupuncture afterward and she told me to go straight home. Some clinics are more strict than others…I think if it’s a few days after your transfer you should be ok. Otherwise, take it easy if you do have to fly. Don’t carry anything heavy and even consider a wheelchair. Good luck and :babydust:


There was a post on here about this a while back but now I can’t find it… I personally wouldn’t… Every time I fly the pressure from the flight brings on my period, even when it’s not due… So I’m with the doc… But, people do do it all the time…


I am doing my ET tomorrow and am flying home that same day. I was told by 3 doctors and 2 nurses that it would be fine and just to stay hydrated. They said there is no proof that flying will change your results and that they only tell people not to for mental health reasons. So I am flying and I am sure it will be fine.


Gooseygoose - I’m sure it will be fine too! I hear about people flying to different States/Countries to do IVF and they fly home and have positive results. So, no worries! The worse thing to do is stress about it…

AFM - I am flying 4 days after my ET. (x-country) At this point I’m just a little concerned with the new full-body scan thing they have now…anyone heard if this is safe for us 2ww people? I am considering a wheel chair…it couldn’t hurt to have people waiting on you hand and foot! :clap: