Transferring together donor and your own embie


Has anyone transferred own embryos together with a donor embryo. The quality of my frozen embies is not the best, and I wonder if I would increase my chances by combining and transferring them together. Is it better to keep the things separate, and why? Are there any known implantation issues of genetically different embryos?


There are no implantation issues as a result of transferring non-genetically-related embryos.

We transferred 3 blasts on our FET last June. All were created with donor eggs. 2 of them were also created with donor sperm and 1 was made with DH’s sperm. All three made sacs, but only 2 had fetal poles that became our twins!

We have no idea as to whether either of our babies are DH’s genetic children and have no plans to test. We wonder sometimes about our son, as he REALLY favors my husband. Our daughter looks like my family, though she has none of our genes!

Other than being curious, it hasn’t mattered to us. It is actually kind of fun to “wonder” sometimes!

We wanted to us DH’s last blast and therefore, we did. We also wanted to get pregnant though, which is why we used donors!

Good luck with your decision and transfer!


I did this and it was a success. My loss has nothing to do with it though. If you have the opportunity to get a donor embryo, I would jump on it. It is not easy to get donor embies. Best of luck.


When we were still contemplating trying one more OE cycle, I asked our RE about that and she pointed out something that hadn’t occurred to me: If you put back embryos from different women’s eggs, and the women are not the same age, it makes testing for chromosomal abnormalities during pregnancy more complicated because there’s no way to know which egg the embryo(s) are from.

If you put back only your own-egg embies, then the doctor knows to use YOUR age as the risk factor when evaluating the risk of Down’s syndrome, etc. If you put back only DE embies, they use the donor’s age as the risk factor. So, for instance, you could do a transnuchal scan, weigh the results of that test against the egg’s age (i.e. your age or donor’s age), and then decide based on that whether you need to take the risk of doing amniocentesis (which causes miscarriage in something like 1%-2% of cases). If you mix embies, you basically always have to assume that the risk factor is your age, which means you’re more likely to need amnio.


Although I have not done this…(we used strictly donor embryos) I dont see a reason why not to do it. If you are moving towards the idea of Donated embryos anyways, then why not transfer the one embryo you have and perhaps 1 or 2 donor embryos and hope for the best!!
This way you dont have to waste more money on another FET or more time either. You can just do both at the same time and :pray:
Does your clinic have a Donor embryo program?? Sometimes it can take quite some time to get donor embryos…

It would be very interesting though if you DID get pregnant with both your embryo and the donor embryo and had twins that werent related at all. I personally would never test to find out, but I think it would be interesting just the possibility of it happening that way.

Good luck to you…FWIW- I really am a fan of donated embryos, but im probably pretty biased at this point being pregnant with twins from my cycle!! lol!