Traveling after transfer?


What does everyone’s doctors say about traveling after transfer? Do they want you to wait a certain length of time before traveling? My RE doesn’t seem too concerned, but I’m a little paranoid… Thanks!


My clinic is in Baltimore at Walter Reed and since they do only IVF’s for military their program is mostly full of people traveling from other states. They do 4 cycles a year with about 150 people in each cycle and the majority of those travel right after their transfer. They don’t discourage it and it doesn’t seem to effect the quality of their program since they have one of the highest pregnancy rates in IVF in the US and other clinics are using their model with their own clinics.

After my transfer I felt fine to travel and I have never heard of anyone on the threads complain about having to travel home afterwards. Some drive or fly directly from the transfer and others stay that night and travel the following day, but due to hotel costs many don’t stick around after that so…

No worries! :flower:

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