Trigger BFP or Real BFP Poll


I’m taking a Poll…of course we’ll know the real results next week. So let me know your guesses!

[I]Note: Last IUI I had 10,000IU trigger and got a solid BFN on 7dpiui (8dptrigger) Last cycle ended in BFN. [/I]
[I]This IUI, same 10,000IU trigger.[/I]

-5dpiui am 1stP (6ptrigger): BFP easy to see two lines
-6dpiui am 1stP: BFP. light 2nd line
-7dpiui am 1stP: BFP. very light 2nd line
-7dpiui pm P: BFN (no hint of 2nd line)
-8dpiui am 1stP: BFP very light 2nd line

ok, let the guessing begin…still trigger BFP or real BFP?


Hmm, i would go to say very GOOD chance its a REAL bfp. But still the slim possible chance it could be the trigger. If you are using the same test and all i say test again tomorrow and if its darker you have yourself a bfp :slight_smile:



implantation can happen as early as six days and as late as 12 days past ovulation.

so i guess still it difficult to tell

but :babydust: :babydust: :bfp: :bfp: :thankyou:



I got my 1st bfp’s at 8 days past O and 9 days past O for both of my IVF cycles. :slight_smile:


Thanks to everyone who has guessed so far…
Keep 'em coming…even if you think BFN because I like reading both cases. (and then thinking them over and over and over in my mind.) I’m play devil’s advocate with myself all the time!

So tomorrow morning 1stP, I’ll POAS (the exact same brand) and post the results.

Thank goodness it’s Thanksgiving here because I think my boss is on to the fact that I’ve been glued to my computer this entire 2ww!!! I need the next 4 days off to drive myself clinically batty with google fertility stuff searches…

:bsv: and :cross: to all…


Well ladies…

9dpiui POAS 1st am P: BFN (same brand)

There was not a 2nd line in sight!

So, this is Good. Now I KNOW trigger is gone (at 10days past 10,000IU trigger) I’ll POAS every morning for the next 4 days and see. Nothing I do now will change the outcome so I’m ok either way.

But, I will be…:pray: :cross: :pray:

Lots of baby dust to everyone!


You’re lucky, because now you’ll have peace of mind when that line reappears! I talked myself out of testing outgrowth tiger and now have to wait like crazy till Mondays beta! Good luck!


I posted on the NOV updates list but wanted to put the details…

10dpiui 1st am P- :bfp:
10dpiui regular 10am P- :bfp: :woohoo:

I didn’t have a 2nd line at all yesterday (same brand of stick) so I’m pretty confident this isn’t the trigger. If tomorrow is still :bfp:, then I’ll get excited…

Last night I had a wave of “illness” wash over me. I had to sleep so bad and felt like I was running a temp but my temp was only 96.5F. (actually low)

I’m scheduled for beta on 11-29. Guess we’ll see how the next two days look on the sticks…


Congrats K&E!!! so happy 4 you:clap: