Trigger/IUI or not and when...


I know this questions has been asked and answered many times but I am anxious - so here it comes:

Should I choose to get an ovidrel shot? What should be the deciding factor?

I did a round of clomid Cd5-9.On CD14 I showed follicles 16mm and 13mm. My uterus lining was 6.5 mm. According to the nurse the numbers aligned well with my E2 levels (don’t know what they were). She expects that I will ovulate around CD18 or CD19.

She said I could go with ovidrel if I wanted to. But I cannot decide! She has no clear reason why or why not. IUI is also an open option.

I feel quite dry so far - may be it is the clomid. Today is CD16 and I still hope CM will improve by the time I ovulate. But is IUI a good option to consider? Or should I go with preseed lubricant?

She wants me to go in tomorrow (CD17) and take the shot. The IUI will be done on CD18. Is the timing suggested correct?

I cannot decide what to do. My insurance does not cover ovidrel and IUI. So I want to make the right decision carefully.

Ladies, please chime in with your knowledge and experience.


Its better for timing. It can also give your follies a extra boost on size and grow your lining. Plus with 2 follies both WONT ovulate without a trigger. So the trigger makes sure you ovulate ALL follies giving you extra targets.

If it was me… i would NEVER do an IUI without a trigger. But thats bc we pay out of pocket, so i wouldn’t want to waste a cycle.



As the previous poster said, the difference between taking the trigger and not is whether or not you want both follicles to ovulate. Without the trigger, you will most likely only have one follicle ovulate. As for doing IUI or not. My RE definitely suggests it, especially due to Clomid side effects. My CM dried up on Clomid, so that doesn’t matter if you do an IUI. Also, the IUI with meds doubles your chances. On Clomid alone you only have about a 4-6% chance of success whereas with Clomid and IUI you have an 8-12% chance. And my insurance also does not cover anything, but I figure I’d rather get straight to it than waste time and money on something that’s less effective.


I have had more than one follicle ovulate and I’ve never had a trigger. (Not knowledgeable about the trigger, just throwing out another side.) I used preseed this month for the first time and I think it helped a lot-we shall see in a couple weeks. We aren’t in a huge rush, so consider that as well.

I think if I were back on my first go-round, I’d have the trigger and IUI. Good luck either way!


Thanks for your responses everyone.

I decided to go for the shot. My RE thinks only 1 follicle will mature this time even with the trigger because there is a good bit of size difference between the follicles (5 mm).

I will have my IUI tomorrow - 24 hours from the time of the shot.


Don’t be too sure about only one being mature. I had one at 22.5 and 3 smaller ones (next largest was 14.6). Well, apparently they were both mature.