Trigger / IUI Too Soon?


[SIZE=3][FONT=Calibri]Hi ladies! I recently had my 4th IUI, but 1st on injectables (Gonal-F). I typically surge on CD 14-16. However, I had an ultrasound on CD 9 that showed several mature follicles. My RE instructed me to trigger that afternoon, and we did back-to-back IUIs on CD10 and CD11. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, but now I’m starting to panic that it was too soon? Has anyone else had success this early in their cycle?[/FONT][/SIZE]
[FONT=Calibri][SIZE=3]I also cross-posted this on the Injectables page, so my apologies if you’ve seen this twice! :)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=3]Thanks and good luck to everyone![/SIZE]


Unfortunately, I’m not a success story, but on my IUIs, I triggered on CD 9 and 10. Not only do the injectables mature more follicles more quickly, the trigger shot also gives those follicles a little kick in the pants in maturation. Your timing sounds perfectly fine to me.

Good luck!


Just had my cd9 u/s at noon today and triggered today at 3 for tomorrow AM IUI #6 as I had 3 follies, 16;18;25 and she didn’t want to miss the 25. Usually my trigger has been 36-40 hours but since the all failed WTH, might as well go w/what she says and try this!!! GOOD Luck:clap: :clap:


giving myself the hcg URGENT help me!

I was scared of air bubbles then I accidently pushed some of the hcg out of the needle! Does anyone know of a way to get it back in the syringe…right now it is in the lid! Or do you think missing some of it will hurt eeeeekkkk…my iui is tomorrow at 11am…125 whatever measurement it is for a needle! I have 7 follies ready to go and now I screwed it up


If it is just a little I wouldn’t worry about it. If it is a fair amount go to walgreens or another drug store or even a ER/Urgent Care and ask for a insulin syringe. Draw up what you ‘lost’ and awy you go. I’m sure if you took the HCG syringe in with you and explained what happened they would help you out.