Trigger Shot Pricing???


Hey there ladies!

This cycle will be my first time using a trigger shot. I belive he said it’s called AC? Any idea what the trigger shots cost??

Any help will be appreciated!:flower:


It can be from $35 to $100 from what ive seen since it depends on which trigger you are told to use. My local clinic charges $89 for ovidrel.


My RE made me use Ovidrel in the last 2 cycles and I paid $35 per shot through Triassent Pharmacy (Wallgreens online pharmacy).


Mine is $59 through Schraft’s, without any kind of help from insurance.

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Oh good gravy… i’ll have to remember that!!


I paid 92 dollars for Ovidrel at Walgreens in California.


I am not sure what trigger I will be using as we haven’t made it that far yet in this cycle, but the RE said the trigger he will have me use is about $40 online.


I did $92 for Ovidrel at Walgreens in WV.


I got mine from mandell’s pharmacy in NJ for $87 + taxes. BUt after that I found it for $50+free shipping online: Medications and Pricing :: Fertility Medications :: Freedom Fertility Pharmacy


As myprayers said, I also got my Ovidrel trigger shot from Freedom Fertility Pharmacy for $50 plus free shipping. My local Walgreens was going to charge me $92, too.


I have been paying about 96 for mine. Bleh!!! But I can’t complain because thats about all that I have paid for besides my IUI.