Trigger Shot Question


I just took my trigger shot this morning at 9 and now I am really nervous because I just went to the bathroom and had EWCM! We don’t even go into the dr until after we get the sperm washed at 11 tomorrow–so we probably wont be at the dr until 12:30–anyways! I am nervous I am Oing now and going to miss our chance! I helped DH out yesterday instead of BDing because I was sore from the meds so I don’t have any sperm in there now…Help please!


Don’t worry! Timing will be fine tomorrow. Sometimes EWCM shows up during a medicated cycle. Since it just showed up, your body is preparing to ovulate not ovulating right now. Goodluck tomorrow with your IUI!


Thank you!


I agree with Missing, don’t worry! I get ewcm for about a week, before ovulation and after (mostly before). I think that’s a good sign.


Thank you! :slight_smile: I had never heard of someone ovulating so quickly after trigger shot but it def got my nerves up a little after I saw! Thanks for your quick responses!


Like the other ladies said, it’s definitely just your body preparing to ovulate. Mine usually shows up a day or too before ovulation, but is sometimes gone by the time I actually ovulate.


Thanks Kris! That makes me feel TONS better :slight_smile: at least I am not alone on this one! lol


I agree with everyone. That’s exactly the time I had my trigger at 9 am and didn 't have my IUI till 3pm the next day. I don’t remember if I had EWCM ( I think I did), but I remember I was super, duper bloated. I got my BFP on that cycle and I have a 13 month old son now!!! Good luck! Sending you :babydust:


Thank you Raquel!!! That was really encouraging!