Trigger Shot Question


I just took my trigger shot this morning at 9 and now I am really nervous because I just went to the bathroom and had EWCM! We don’t even go into the dr until after we get the sperm washed at 11 tomorrow–so we probably wont be at the dr until 12:30–anyways! I am nervous I am Oing now and going to miss our chance! I helped DH out yesterday instead of BDing because I was sore from the meds so I don’t have any sperm in there now…Help please!


With one of my IUI’s I went in for my U/S on cd 15 and had 3 follicles, measuring 18, 17, & 14. While I was there I told the RE I felt O pains and had creamy cm. They dismissed it. I was supposed to trigger the following evening on cd 16, but was having strong O pains and fertile watery cm. I called the RE office and they said I wouldn’t O on my own and to continue with the trigger that evening and scheduled IUI 36 hours later, which would have been cd 18. On cd 17 I called RE and insisted to have my progesterone checked and it came back at an 8, so I did O early and on my own. We did BD on our own, so we did end up with a BFP this cycle, however it ended in m/c.

If you are worried, I would call the RE and insist they do an U/S or bloodwork, but if I was you, I would grab DH and get busy! But call your RE!!! Good luck!
Below is my schedule so it makes sense…

CD 15 - U/S - 3 Follicles - measuring 18, 17 & 14
CD 16 - O pains, watery cm (trigger 8pm)
CD 17 - Had progesterone checked (was at 8) already ovulated
CD 18 - IUI was supposed to be scheduled but was cancelled because I already O’d
CD 26 - 10 dpo - BFP (HCG 20)