Trigger tonight - few questions


After a very tender and somewhat painful ultrasound, no surprise, I have a bunch of follicles on both sides ranging from 10 - 20 mm, so I was told it’s highly likely I’ll be triggering tonight, with ER on Tuesday. :clap: I have a few questions I’m hoping you can help with…

First, how long after ER does the tender, heavy feeling in the ovaries start to subside?

How will I feel after ER? Will I be okay for work the next day?

I’m sure I’m having a 3dt, so does that mean three days after ER counting ER? Putting me at Thursday?

Thanks guys…


Good luck with ER, I was so afraid my first time and it really wasn’t too bad.

For me, the heaviness does usually get better after ER, but not for everyone. Sometimes, it takes awhile for the ovary swelling to go down.

I was able to go back to work the next day. However, fertilization day can be a very stressful day, so I no longer go to work the day after ER. I have gotten bad news that day before and it’s not fun to get bad news at work.

Most ladies do seem feel well enough to go to work the next day, but it seems everyone is different in this regard. Some ladies are so uncomfortable they can’t do much for a few days.

The day after ER is Day 1 (as it’s been 24 hours since the embryos were formed.) So, if your ER is Tuesday, your ET for a 3dt would be Friday.
Hope you do well-


First of all, so exciting that you’re triggering tonight!!!

They retrieved 13 eggs and I felt pretty gross for 3 days after ER. I had taken a week and a half of vacation so that I didn’t have to work at all during ER and ET. If I had to work I probably would’ve taken 2 days off after ER. But I’m a big wimp and don’t tolerate pain well. As for ET, they don’t count the day of ER, so Friday would be your ET.

Best of luck!


I always felt fine to go to work the day after ER, but everyone is different. Each time I have taken the pain meds maybe once or twice the day of ER but just tylenol or nothing after that. You will probably feel pretty crampy for the first few hours but I usually felt ok by that afternoon/evening. It’s scary the first time but really not as bad as you think it will be.

In terms of bloating and heaviness, that always seemed to take a few days to go away. I would say 4-5 days after ER before you really feel 100% normal, but at least it does get better each day instead of worse like it probably has been.

Good luck! :cheer:


I was the opposite of cmw–felt great for several hours after transfer than was suprised by how achy I felt later in the day. I only took the pain meds to sleep that night. If you work or not depends on your job. I’d say the biggest determinant would be how you feel about getting the fertilization rates at work. It is super stressful waiting for that call and then trying to digest what it might or might not mean for the cycle. Our fert rate was just OK–not bad but definitely not great–so we went into 3d ET expecting not so good news. In the end we had 2 good embies and ended up pregnant with twins, not at all what I would have expected from that fert call. Calling my DH to give him the fert rates while he was at work surrounded by people was the hardest part for us. We both wish he’d stayed home with me.


Thank you, this helps a lot. My ER isn’t until noon so I’m hoping I’ll be okay by the next morning, but I’ll play it by ear. This whole process has taught me so much about myself and my own strength, that I never thought I had, even after having had two c-sections! Anyway, thanks again, now I have a clue what to expect. I am SO nervous about being knocked out, it’s ridiculous. And I’ve been knocked out for surgeries before!!

I’m liking the idea that I’ll start to feel better as the days go on - a little bloating doesn’t bother me but this achy feeling and heaviness is awful!


I planned on working the next day, and I had to take it off. I am not a wuss, and quite a trooper, and my job is as easy physically as it gets. In fact, I tried to attend a webinar from home, only to have to lay dawn after 20 minutes. I went to work the day after, and the walk from parking to the office was a bit of challenge. The ovaries were much better on sixth day after. I had 22 eggs. Good luck with your cycle!