Troubled about this iui cycle


I went today for u/s to see how big my follicles were getting to determine when to trigger/have iui. Well, she told me that they weren’t as big as they would have expected on day 10 of my cycle. They asked me to come back Monday and have it rescanned to see if they are where they should be. She said she figured they would be the right size and I could trigger on Monday.

The thing is, last month it was a student doctor (not sure what their title is) who did the u/s b/c the regular tech was out that day, and she wasn’t comfortable and didn’t seem to know what she was doing (but it being my first iui, I didn’t know either). I think that they are very similar this month as to what they were last month, so maybe I’m just not responding to the Clomid like I should? I’m currently on 100mg.

I am trying REALLY hard to not stress out but I know that my dh will not willingly (as in, without a threat of divorce) pay for injectibles or go onto IVF, so I neeeeed this to work!!

I don’t know the size of my follicles, I know that most of you guys know all the statistics and sizes, but they’ve never offered that information to me and I feel bad while I’m there asking for it, as if they think I’m a know-it-all… so I don’t ask. Wish I did b/c you guys probably would be able to help me out with how normal/abnormal it is!


I agree. Just call them and say that when you had your u/s, you forgot to ask how many follies there were and what their sizes were. They’ll tell you. Good Luck!!