Try more IUIs or Move to IVF?



We have tried 6 stimulated (Clomid + FSH inj) IUIs, out of which only 2 IUI cycles had 3 mature follicles and the other 4 cycles had only 1 mature follicle.

My question is:

  1. Should I try more stimulated IUI cycles -OR- should I now move to IVF.

  2. Also, can I go for IVF right after IUI -OR- should take 1-month break (in addition to BCP protocol) before IVF so as to flush out any medications from the stimulated cycle.

Me: 32
DH: 34
TTC: 1.5yrs
Diagnosis: Unexplained fertility

Please let me know you comments and opinion.

Thanks in advance,


Have you done a laproscopy? I also did 6 iui’s with no success, then the doctor suggested the laproscopy surgery to go in and look around to find out if there were any problems. It turned out I had scarred fallopian tubes. They had tested as open on the hsg test but the ends were so damaged that the tube wasn’t able to pick up an egg. The 6 iui’s had turned out to be a waste because they were never going to work. I was very glad I did the surgery because I wanted to know if ivf would be an option for me or if there was something wrong with me that ivf wouldn’t even help. I wasted a lot of time and money on the iui’s and I didn’t want to waste money on ivf if it didn’t have a chance of working.


What test have you had run? HSG? If not start there. I would say move on from the clomid and try atleast 3 cycle with injections before moving onto IVF.


I would consider doing 1-2 cycles without the clomid, just FSH injections + IUI.


Any chance you can try injectables for a few cycles?


Hello Sand101,

Thank you for your comments. During the laproscopy have you been detected with endometriosis? If yes, what was the stage of endometriosis. Did your HSG report had some indications that lead you to do laproscopy or was HSG report clear?


[QUOTE=OlderMomNewTricks]Any chance you can try injectables for a few cycles?[/QUOTE]

Hi oldermomnewtricks. Congrats on your BFP. Since your BFP is so recent do you mine sharing you symptoms during you 2ww?


Hi Everyone,

Than you so much for your comments.

Through SHG, I was detected with polyp of 10mm, I got the polyp removed through Hystroscopy in dec 2011.

After that I tried 5 stimulated IUIs.
4 Clomid+FSH (out of which only 1 cycle had 3 mature follicles and others had 1 mature follicle)
1 FSH inj only (this cycle had 3 mature follicles)

Last month June 2013, I did HSG and the report came clear. My RE has suspected that I may have endometriosis.

Please suggest what should be the next step? Should I still do one more FSH only IUI or directly go to IVF?

Thanks in advance.



Has your DH had all the necessary testing done and such?

I’m not sure about the treatment of endo or what is best for ttc with endo. But I do think that if you do another IUI cycle, skip the Clomid. Wishing you luck!