Trying again but breastfeeding


I would like to try again for another child but due to my PCOS and hubby’s poor morphology, it’s near impossible without medication. I am currently nursing my daughter (9 months old) and hate to wean her prematurly for only a chance at conceiving. I am 37 and feel that age is a bit of an issue as well. How would you decide when to wean?


You decide when you need to I weaned our 6 month old in early September so we could be ready to do our last Frozen embryo transfer, I am 44 and time is running our for me and we wanted to have our children close together. It was emotionally tough but it has been 2 months and we have adjusted well. Our FET will be December 3.


Our LO is approaching her first birthday, and after a very difficult start to breastfeeding, I wanted to keep it going as long as possible. However, we have two more embies waiting for us, and I want to be done already.
I’ve read about women who continue to BF during their FET, and may or may not share this info with their doc. My conclusion is that it depends on the type of meds you will be on and how frequently your little one still nurses. The general advice I’m hearing is to wait until the first birthday at least, and then once baby is only nursing four times per day or less, depending on your meds, you may proceed.
My meds are only Vivelle estrogen and Crinone progesterone. DD is nursing at last 8 times daily if not more, so I’m waiting until her second birthday, when I hope she’ll be taking in a lot more solids and we can limit nursing to four times. I won’t tell my doc.
Two things to consider- the effect of any meds on the nursling, and the potential compromise to the success of the transfer. Since my meds are naturally occurring hormones, and I’m waiting until DD is taking in less breast milk, I’m not worried about that aspect. And since women naturally get pregnant while still breastfeeding, I’m leaving it in God’s hands, where it is anyway.
One thing I didn’t want to do is compromise what is best for the child I do have, for a mere possibility of having another child.
Good luck with your decision! Just be sure that if you wean and the transfer is not successful, you would be ok with that. (Though you could try unweaning/relactating)


I stopped nursing at just over a year so I could try for baby #2. Took me another 8 months to get pregnant with #2, and then we lost her. It’s been over a year since that loss with just more losses in between. I regret weaning, I feel like it was all in vain and I missed out on that continued bond - I wish I could go back in time and nurse until both she and I were ready to stop since that sacrifice didn’t end up adding to our family.


I am gradually trying to wean because I want to do an FET with my remaining embryos sometime in the first half of next year. I’m 43 and we will not do any other IVF cycles if the 4 remaining embryos don’t succeed. (Even though it is 4, it will probably be all in one FET because it took 12 embies transferred over the course of 3 fresh (and 1 frozen) cycle to get my DS. He is almost 15 months old, and I’ve got him down to just nursing 1st time in the morning (Unfortunately at 4 am most mornings) and last thing before he goes to bed. I plan to try to get rid of the last 2 nursings after I can get him consistently sleeping through the night, which is a struggle as the boy hates sleep. I actually wasn’t able to get him to sleep through the night at all until I stopped nursing in the middle of the night as he was waking by habit and for the comfort of nursing. He, for the most part, doesn’t seem to miss the daytime feedings that I’ve stopped doing, as long as I don’t make the mistake of adjusting my bra in front of him or something, then he goes ballistic until I nurse him. I feel a little bad because I would have probably gone until he was ready to give it up if not for worrying about the FET. At the same time, he very rarely even let me know he wanted to nurse during the day, I was usually going ahead and nursing every 5 hours if he didn’t indicate otherwise because I felt he should be needing it. Its the night nursings that he more seemed to care about.