Trying for #2 IUI with only one 13mm follicle. Any help?


Hi Ladies,

I’ve been reading a lot but don’t post much on message boards. I am in the middle of an IUI cycle with gonal-f. Today is cycle day 11, and I have done 8 days of 112.5 on Gonal-F. I started the cycle with a cyst which is contiuing to shrink. Besides that I have one 13mm follicle on the left and 2 11mm follicles on the right. My estradiol level today is 198 as of this morning. My doc is having me do the Ovidrel trigger tonight with an IUI tomorrow after 12 hours and another on Wednesday after 24 hours.

I realize that sometimes smaller follicles can be mature, as I was successful two years ago with my son and it was a 15mm follicle but my estradiol was much higher at the time.

Does anyone think there is ANY hope of doing an IUI with the largest follicle being 13mm the day of trigger? Seems ridiculous to me. I know they can grow up to 2mm a day, but mine seem not to.

My insurance is covering the IUI, but I’m thinking rather than put myself through all of this over the next few days I may just call the nurse and cancel it altogether.

Last month I did an IUI and I had an estradiol of 150 and one 14mm follicle and he triggered me. I’m all for being conservative, I don’t want a litter of kiddies at once, but come on… this is absurd.

Any thoughts or hope here? He is pretty set in trigger based on the estradiol level of 198 indicating one mature follicle, which is what his nurse says is all they want for an IUI given the lack of control. For one follicle I can just do it on my own, no need for all the medication and monitoring and can just do trigger and IUI. Ugh.

Thanks in advance!



hi im not sure if this is to late but I agree that its weird! my doc doesnt give me a trigger until follie is 18-22! and they grow like 1- 2 mms a day so why not wait two days! But… my Re doesnt check my estradiol level either they u/s me and measure follie and check lining they said that my lining means i have enough estrogen if the lining is 7 ish or above i think.

Anyway Im not doing an iui so dont know if that changes things i know my doc times things for when he is available etc. so maybe hes working u to his schedule… my doc tends to do this alot. which is kinda annoying.

i’m hoping to get a bfp soon you u get yours too!!