Trying for Baby Girl through IVF, anyone going thru same?


Hi I am confused on where to start with IVF treatment. We hope for a baby girl. Any suggestions?


If you are looking for the best IVF center, I will suggest SWCIC. Because, one of my friends are also visit having babies through IVF in this SWCIC IVF center.


Thank you dear, but I see that clinic is in India. That’s much too far for me dear. In my search I like the idea of Cyprus better. Have you heard of clinics there?


Hi there I posting an update on our journey towards our baby girl. We have decided to go to Cyprus - we are contacting a clinic now and we are soon to book with Dunya IVF. This thread seems to be a little silent, but still hoping someone might be on a similar boat as me. Just in case this would be useful this is their site - Do let me know if any of you girls have tried Cyprus and share your experiences with me? We still have a lot of questions. And fear creeps in sometimes. We sure could use the support.