Trying for junior...again


TTC #2 again.

Is it always harder to do something on purpose? Yes, I think so. #1 came while I was on the birth control patch at 18. I was doing everything possible, minus abstinence of course, to not get pregnant and lo an behold, I became a teenage mother.

Fast forward 4 years and a new husband and here we are. We tried to conceive about 2 years ago after I had a defective Mirena removed. 6 months of trying with plenty of irregular cycles thrown in gave us nothing but an early miscarriage and a softball sized cyst. So back on birth control I went, norethredone, to be exact. We decided after that to hold off awhile before trying again.

I didn’t have a single cycle while on BC, so coming off had been miserable. To compound the problem I also stopping taking 4 anti depressant/anxiety medications at the same time. Already being fragile due to the lack of happy pills has only been made worse by the 5 day long cycles every 8 days. Doc says not to worry until about 6 months post BC if my cycles don’t regulate, but it’s a little difficult to attempt pregnancy when you have no real cycle to track and can barely do that wonderful activity that leads to conceiving. And I’m not confident that I will ever regulate based on previous experience.

I have been researching and am considering starting acupuncture as it’s reported that it can both regulate and help fertility. The only problem is my insurance doesn’t cover any acupuncture and it’s around $400.00 a month.

I know many of you have been trying for much longer, and have probably already resulted to treatment so I feel a little silly complaining. But it’s so frustrating not being able to get pregnant when you actually try!