Trying to conceive 1st child...harder than I thought


I recently joined this forum so I could see that I wasn’t alone in my infertility and just to get some support from other women who are all reaching for the same dream!

My DH and I tried naturally for a year to conceive with no luck. I was put on 50mg of clomid which didn’t work, so my doctor upped my dose to 100mg after the second round of 100mg I got a BFP…however our excitement was short lived when I started bleeding a few days later doctor said it was a chemical pregnancy but the good news was we know the clomid worked.

I was very upset for a few days but wanted to try again! I’m about to start round 3 since the last BFP and nothing yet. I’m trying to be patient but its hard. I don’t really have anyone to talk to since we haven’t told any of our families about us TTC or the infertility.


Welcome to these boards. It’s not just women who dream of having children; men too. It would be great if you could also have your DH involved when you write some posts here. Perhaps you could get his input in whatever issues you are going through as a couple as well. Of course, a lot of what you need to express are quite personal and pertain to things that only a woman could understand. My wife also reads these boards and has definitely found a lot of useful information here. However, there are also some misleading information in the sense that you have to have a critical mind when you come across anything new.

My wife has also just started on 50mg of clomid and we are eager to see if it results into anything good. We have been reading a lot of other people’s experiences here and a lot of them have been through more cycles and more different treatments, so we know we are only at the starting point of what could be a very long journey towards parenthood. Of course, we hope that it does come a little bit easier. I am sure you feel the same way. But at least we can all take solace in the fact that if it does get even more challenging ahead, we have the support of a lot of people who have gone through similar things - even if that support is only virtual.


Welcome! There’s lots of people to talk to here. I am on my second round of 50 mg clomid myself. I think it makes sense to get support early, the infertility path is a long one but there are so many success stories here that there’s always another source of hope. That’s how I get though my day anyway. I don’t really talk to my family about it either, its not that I think they wouldn’t be supportive, its more that I don’t want them to be so sad for me. My mother in law had a few miscarriages before she finally gave birth to my husband so sometimes I talk to her, but its not the same as the people you will meet here who are in a much more similar position. Find cycle buddies! Heck, we might even be good cycle buddies. :smiley:


Hi, thank you for you response! The success stories are a big help for me also. And I really think it will be easier to have others to talk to who are in the same situation.
I wish you the best of luck and hope the clomid works for you and you get a BP soon!!