Trying to conceive again via IUI


My partner and I are trying to conceive again via IUI. When we got pregnant with our daughter back in 2010 things seemed a little easier. Our Dr took care of everything just told us when to come in and things went smoothly.

We have since moved and had to switch Dr’s. and things are a little confusing. I’m hoping someone can help because I’m getting a little nervous about the IUI tomorrow.

With our daughter that was born in 2010 we did 50 mg clomid, had one follicle at 28mm at CD12, had the HCG trigger and 30 hours later did the insemination.

This time we are on 50 mg clomid but have “several” follicles. They had me trigger this morning and we will do the IUI tomorrow.

My concern are with my follicles. As of yesterday morning, CD13, I had: right ovary – 21mm, 15mm, 15.9mm, 14.9mm and 14mm and on left ovary – “a few small ones”

The Dr said he considers a follicle mature when it reaches 18 mm so I asked him if he was worried that the 15mm follicles would catch up by Saturday putting me at risk for multiples and he said no they won’t grow any more. In the past during the 2 days before O my follicles have had a growth spurt of up to 5mm overnight. He doesn’t seem to be concerned in the least.

Does anyone have any insight they can offer. Do you think the 15mm and 14mm will mature?


It’s possible, though the growth can vary from woman to woman, and even from once cycle to the next for each woman. They do a follicle/lining scan right before the IUI right? So you’ll have to let us know…

Good luck!


Thanks Slopes.

They will not be doing another ultrasound tomorrow just the IUI.