Trying to conceive for long, 3-4 yrs


I’ve been trying to conceive for long, 3-4 yrs. did IUI last yr but failed. switched the doc, did all the tests including laparoscopy, tubes r fine n evth is normal. Endometiral curetting was also done for TBPCR, that was also negative. i was all set for my first sitting of IUI but when the follicular monitoring started, during ultrasound, free fluid was detected persistently from day 7th onwards. doc said that it cud be some infection, so gave me an antibiotics for 5 days n said IUI will be done next cycle. so, this cycle, i again went on my 7th day but to my utter dismay, free fluid was again detected. doc is not ready to go ahead with IUI coz of this. TB was almost ruled out but still in the case of genital TB since it’s hard to diagnose, 2 more tests, quantiferon gold and Elisa was conducted. but both test results negative. now, the doc said that i have no option but to start TB medication for at least 2 months. maybe that would help. but I’m reluctant coz all tests r negative, i don’t know what i should do.
If anyone is going thru the same condition as mine or if someone could help me thru it, would be grateful.