Trying To Concieve, Having Problems Please Read And Help!!!


[size=3]thank You For Taking The Time To Read My Posts, Ive Been Trying To Get Pregnant For Over 2 Years Now And No Luck…now Im Trying To Figure Out Why…i Am Underweight, Always Have Been I Have Trouble Gaining Its Not A Serious Thing Probably Ten Pounds. I Also Had A Leep Procedure Back In June Of This Year For Pre-cancerous Cervical Cancer Cells. I Have A Tipped Uterus And Had Trouble With Extremly Heavy Cycles During My Teenage Years. I Was Also On Opiates For About 3 Years Due To A Back Injury. Do All Or Any Of These Cause Infertility Or Problems That Would Make Me Be Unable To Concieve? I Appreciate Your Time Any And All Comments/answers Are greatly Appreciated[/size]