Trying to get pregant


Well after several needle, on Mon MArch 18 after blood work and ultrasound we were told I had 5 follicles at about size 11. They asked that I take another needle last night, did blood work today, another needle tonight, I go back tomorrow March 20 for blood work and ultrasound - they had said that they hope that my 5 follicles are around size 18/19.

I guess I’ll find out on Wed the size and when they want me to take the trigger ovulation needle…waiting to hear when they will schedule my IUI…

I’m excited and nervous at the same time.

Anyone ele had 5 follicles…??

In January I only had 1 follicle and found out in Feb that the IUI didn’t work and I wasn’t pregant. We were sad…but now I have 5…

:pray: :cheer:


I have never had 5 even when we did IVF…thats GREAT!!!:woohoo: I will be praying for you :pray: and our :bfp: !!!



:thankyou:thank you so much - I’m so nervous - I’m turning 37 years old this coming sunday and would love to get pregnant soon!:cross:


I think 5 is a high number for IUI, I hope just 1-2 fertilize for you dear!!


I had 3 on my first try, 4 on my second try, 5 on my third try, and 4 on my final try. I only got pregnant on my final try, but got pregnant with twins initially. I know there are some people on here that have gotten pregnant with 3 or 4 with those numbers so just beware! My doctor gave me the “selective reduction” talk before my IUI with 5 follicles. I was almost happy that it didn’t take that time so that I wouldn’t have to make that decision. With my low AMH, higher numbers were better for me so it all depends on your situation! Good luck!


When I did my injectible cycles, I had 6 eggs released each time. Both times, they saw 5 follicles and when they went in for the post-ov ultrasound, they saw that another one had snuck in. First time was a BFN and second time was a BFP with one beautiful little bean! There’s really no way to tell what’s likely based on number of follicles (beyond the basics of more follicles = more chances, but of course, even women with one can end up with twins or triplets!). Best of luck to you!


I have had between 3 - 6 follicles each cycle, maybe more because they don’t do another check before IUI, only on cd12, so we’re not sure how many have actually grown to maturity, but I’ve always had 3 - 6 that were 15mm and above on cd12…I’ve never been given the multiples talk…good luck to you!