Trying to get pregnant


I have 3 boys (21, 18, 14) and had both tubes clamped back about 12 years ago, they put them on wrong and was intensely painful for 6 months until they took them off at a different hospital in emergency. My husband and I have been wanting another child for 3 years, and we have been to fertility clinics, etc… He is 100% good to go, however, I had a colored catheter ultrasound done and it showed blockage, so the last resort is Invitro, which is a hard process to understand, where do you start? How much does it cost? I would love some advice, as I have been researching for years and nothing really makes sense or is a straight answer. Thank you.


IVF can seem a bit daunting.

You may have already done some of these things. First step is usually bloodwork on day 3 of your period to check your FSH, LH, Estrogen, TSH, AMH, Progesterone, Testosterone – all of these give them an idea of how you will respond to stims. They also will do a transvaginal ultrasound (I know, AF is here! ICKY! They don’t care) to see how many antral follicles you have which tells them an average for the potential number of eggs you might be able to get that cycle. My RE also does a saline sonogram (where they inject saline into the uterus to check for uterine abnormalities, polyps, fibroids, scar tissue, etc.) and a mock embryo transfer (basically the same thing as the saline sonogram, only they take some measurements).

Once all that is done, you’re probably good to go. Now you and your doctor have to decide on a protocol. Some involve taking birth control pills for a certain amount of time, not only to help with scheduling, but also to quiet your ovaries and get all of your follicles at the same starting point. Some involve doing lupron injections first. Some have you taking estrogen first. Some have no suppression at all and you leap immediately into stims.

Once you start stims, things move pretty rapidly. I have monitoring appointments after 3 days of stims, then every other day until the follicles reach about 14mm, then every day until trigger. Most people stim for about 10 days, then take a trigger shot and have egg retrieval 36 hours after that. Embryo transfer is usually 3-5 days after retrieval. And then begins the 7 year wait for the beta test.

Prices vary wildly. It depends on the clinic, how many monitoring appointments you have, what dosage of meds you will be on (they are CRAZY expensive), how much insurance coverage you have, if you bought a package deal or a shared risk or shared egg program, etc., etc. I can give you the prices we paid (we’re 100% out of pocket), but your prices will be different. We bought a multi-cycle plan, 2 fresh cycles and up to 2 frozen cycles (we didn’t end up having any embryos to freeze, so never got to use a frozen cycle) for $17,500. That price included all of our monitoring, retrieval, ICSI, AH and transfer. It didn’t include the drugs. I’m older, so I was on very high doses of stims. For each fresh cycle, my meds were about $7,500. So, $32,500 for 2 tries, which was a savings of about $6,000 had we paid for each cycle separately.

Good luck to you!