TSH levels anyone


Hi so I have had unexplained if for 3 years (so frustrated they didn’t check my thyroid way back then) I just got my level back and it was 2.98 she told me its borderline and to have it rechecked in a few weeks could this be my problem? I am suppose to start my first iui this next cycle but I am not feeling to confident if my thyroid is off. HELP



One of my friend also had the same problem, she went to one of the fertility centre in India, where she got the best treatment,now she is perfectly all right and now she is carrying, she only suggested my sister to that centre who has same problem, probable this month my sister will be visiting the centre.
She told that we just have to inquire through their website for online consultation,
i am sending their site URL, so that you can also send your problem to them,


To increase your chances it is best to have your TSH as close to 1 as possible. Once pregnant most likely your TSH will elevate. Good luck!