TSH Results


I know this isn’t related to IVF but I was wondering if anyone has high TSH levels? I just found out mine is 4.67 I have to go back in two weeks to have it re-checked. Will this prevent me from stimming well with IVF meds? I’m a bit worries :grr: I would have never known I had high levels, as I have no symptoms.


Your TSH levels demonstrate that you are hypothyroid and I would recommend you get treated prior to starting your cycle. Your RE might be able to manage this for the time being if you are already under his/her care but you may need to make an appointment with an endocrinologist. You will most likely be started on Synthroid which is thyroid replacement. It is important to get your levels between 1 and 2 for optimal results.

The thyroid is integrally involved in fertility and hypothyroidism is well documented to increase the risk of miscarriage. I found out I was hypothyroid during my first IVF (I too had a TSH in the mid 4 range) and although I was started on replacement immediately I miscarried that cycle. It takes at least 4-6 weeks for thyroid levels to level out following an adjustment in medication.


Mine was 3.59 in January and they put me on meds right away. I think anything under 5 is considered “normal”, but for IVF treatment, they like things to be optimal. I’m not really noticing any difference on the medication, but it was down to 1.5 when they checked a few weeks ago, so it must be working! The only thing I do notice is I’m not as ridiculously cold as usual. I’m ALWAYS freezing. I’m hoping to go off the meds once we get pregnant and have bambino in hand. I hadn’t been tested since 2009 and then my numbers were normal (and we had our son in 2010), so things can change quickly! Best wishes to you.


Yes, get treated. I also have issues and my RE manages them for now as the meds make it go all over the place. It should be between 1 and 2 and if its not it can cause a misscarriage. Best of luck to you!


I just got my results yesterday and my TSH was at 27.88 I am going in to see my reg. doctor on Monday. I just thought it was all in my head.
Has anyone else out there had their tsh level’s that high? It was a huge shock to me.
My RE wants it 2.5 or below so I have to get it fixed before I try


TSH levels

I believe the newer range of normal level for TSH is between 0.3 and 3.0. But the older range of up to 5.0 is still out there, so you may have difficulties getting treated if you are in a gray area.

And flip26, that is a high number. There are some good thyroid specific forums out there, maybe you could give those a try as well? There are some specific tests of T3 and T4 that are also useful to have done, so you know more about whats creating such a high TSH number and the best way to medicate it. Its different than just the TSH. Maybe you can ask your doctor about these? Its worth researching. Good luck!